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Kase, D. Co Author Listing * Interactive Quality Evaluation of Reduced Polygon Model, An
* Study on Subjective Evaluation of Facial Polygon Model, A
Includes: Kase, D. Kase, D.[Daisuke]

Kase, N. Co Author Listing * Multi-view human activity recognition using motion frequency
Includes: Kase, N. Käse, N. (Maybe also Kaese, N.)

Kase, S.[Sue] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Shared Mission Planning Scenario: Observations on Shared Experience, An
* Mixed Reality Visualization of Friendly vs Hostile Decision Dynamics
* Pose Estimation and Video Annotation Approaches for Understanding Individual and Team Interaction During Augmented Reality-Enabled Mission Planning
* Sensor Data Fusion Framework to Improve Holographic Object Registration Accuracy for a Shared Augmented Reality Mission Planning Scenario

Kase, T.[Takaaki] Co Author Listing * Indoor Map Display Method Using Mixed Reality

Kaseb, A.S.[Ahmed S.] Co Author Listing * Cloud Resource Optimization for Processing Multiple Streams of Visual Data
* See the World Through Network Cameras
Includes: Kaseb, A.S.[Ahmed S.] Kaseb, A.S.

Kasel, S.[Sabine] Co Author Listing * Combining Environmental, Multispectral, and LiDAR Data Improves Forest Type Classification: A Case Study on Mapping Cool Temperate Rainforests and Mixed Forests
* Predictive Ecosystem Mapping of South-Eastern Australian Temperate Forests Using Lidar-Derived Structural Profiles and Species Distribution Models

Kaselimi, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Causal Long Short-Term Memory Sequence to Sequence Model for TEC Prediction Using GNSS Observations, A
* Novel Insights in Spatial Epidemiology Utilizing Explainable AI (XAI) and Remote Sensing
* Sequence-to-sequence Temporal Convolutional Neural Network For Ionosphere Prediction Using Gnss Observations, A
Includes: Kaselimi, M.[Maria] Kaselimi, M.

Kasell, J. Co Author Listing * Dielectrical spectroscopy of canine myocardium during acute ischemia and hypoxia at frequency spectrum from 100 khz to 6 ghz

Kasem, H.M. Co Author Listing * Revised Spatial Transformer Network towards Improved Image Super-resolutions

Kasem, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * KOHTD: Kazakh offline handwritten text dataset

Kasemir, K.U. Co Author Listing * Detecting ellipses of limited eccentricity in images with high noise levels

Kasen, I. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Scattered Data Interpolation for Pushbroom Image Rectification
* Real-time anomaly detection in hyperspectral images using multivariate normal mixture models and GPU processing
Includes: Kasen, I. Kåsen, I.[Ingebjørg]

Kaser, A. Co Author Listing * Simple Parametric Equation for Pseudocoloring Grey-Scale Images Keeping Their Original Brightness Progression, A

Kaser, C. Co Author Listing * Requirements of Users from a Public Mapping Organisation
Includes: Kaser, C. Käser, C. (Maybe also Kaeser, C.)

Kaseris, M.[Michail] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Unsupervised Video Summarization Augmented With Dictionary Loss

Kasetkasem, T. Co Author Listing * image change detection algorithm based on markov random field models, An
* Improving Subpixel Classification by Incorporating Prior Information in Linear Mixture Models
* Joint Land Cover Mapping and Image Registration Algorithm Based on a Markov Random Field Model, A
Includes: Kasetkasem, T. Kasetkasem, T.[Teerasit]

Kasezawa, T.[Tadashi] Co Author Listing * Permutation-Based Signature Generation for Spread-Spectrum Video Watermarking

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