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Keinan, E.[Eran] Co Author Listing * National Guidelines For Digital Camera Systems Certification
* Regulations in the field of Geo-Information
* TopoCad: A unified system for geospatial data and services
* Updating National Topographic Data Base Using Change Detection Methods
Includes: Keinan, E.[Eran] Keinan, E.

Keinanen, M.[Markku] Co Author Listing * Leaf Canopy Layers Affect Spectral Reflectance in Silver Birch
* Natural Vision Data File Format as a New Spectral Image Format for Biological Applications
* Spectral Reflectance in Silver Birch Genotypes from Three Provenances in Finland
Includes: Keinanen, M.[Markku] Keinšnen, M.[Markku] (Maybe also Keinaenen, M.)

Keinath, A. Co Author Listing * Methods of evaluating electric vehicles from a user's perspective: The MINI E field trial in Berlin

Keinert, F. Co Author Listing * Robust Group-Sparse Representation Variational Method With Applications to Face Recognition, A

Keinert, J.[Joachim] Co Author Listing * Acquisition system for dense lightfield of large scenes
* Dense lightfield reconstruction from multi aperture cameras
* JPEG XS: A New Standard for Visually Lossless Low-Latency Lightweight Image Coding
* Light-Field View Synthesis Using A Convolutional Block Attention Module
* linear method for recovering the depth of Ultra HD cameras using a kinect V2 sensor, A
* Non-Planar Inside-Out Dense Light-Field Dataset and Reconstruction Pipeline
* Novel Confidence Measure for Disparity Maps by Pixel-Wise Cost Function Analysis, A
* novel kinect V2 registration method for large-displacement environments using camera and scene constraints, A
* Stereo Image Compression Using Recurrent Neural Network With A Convolutional Neural Network-Based Occlusion Detection
Includes: Keinert, J.[Joachim] Keinert, J.
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