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Keys, R. Co Author Listing * Cubic Convolution Interpolation for Digital Image Processing

Keyser, C. Co Author Listing * LADAR System and Algorithm Design for Spectropolarimetric Scene Characterization

Keyser, C.K. Co Author Listing * Single-Pulse Mueller Matrix LiDAR Polarimeter: Modeling and Demonstration

Keyser, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Automated sampling and control of gaseous simulations
* Interactive Face-Replacements for Modeling Detailed Shapes

Keysers, C. Co Author Listing * Sparse coding with a global connectivity constraint

Keysers, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Keysers, D.[Daniel]: daniel keysers AT dfki de
* Adaptation in Statistical Pattern Recognition Using Tangent Vectors
* Appearance-Based Recognition of Words in American Sign Language
* Background variability modeling for statistical layout analysis
* Bibliographic Meta-Data Extraction Using Probabilistic Finite State Transducers
* Classification error rate for quantitative evaluation of content-based image retrieval systems
* Combination of Tangent Distance and an Image Distortion Model for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Deformation Models for Image Recognition
* Discriminative Training for Object Recognition Using Image Patches
* Distance Measures for Layout-Based Document Image Retrieval
* Document cleanup using page frame detection
* Elastic image matching is NP-complete
* Enhancements for local feature based image classification
* evaluation of the WPE algorithm using tangent distance, An
* Example-Based Logical Labeling of Document Title Page Images
* Experiments with an Extended Tangent Distance
* Fast multi-language LSTM-based online handwriting recognition
* Features for Image Retrieval: A Quantitative Comparison
* Gesture Recognition Using Image Comparison Methods
* GyroPen: Gyroscopes for Pen-Input With Mobile Phones
* Identifying relevant frames in weakly labeled videos for training concept detectors
* Improving a Discriminative Approach to Object Recognition Using Image Patches
* Invariant Image Object Recognition Using Mixture Densities
* Linear discriminant analysis and discriminative log-linear modeling
* LiT: Zero-Shot Transfer with Locked-Image text Tuning
* Local context in non-linear deformation models for handwritten character recognition
* Local Representations for Multi-object Recognition
* Maximum Entropy and Gaussian Models for Image Object Recognition
* Multi-Language Online Handwriting Recognition
* Oblivious Document Capture and Real-Time Retrieval
* Optimal Dominant Motion Estimation Using Adaptive Search of Transformation Space
* Optimal Geometric Matching for Patch-Based Object Detection
* Page Frame Detection for Marginal Noise Removal from Scanned Documents
* Performance Comparison of Six Algorithms for Page Segmentation
* Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Six-Page Segmentation Algorithms
* Pixel-Accurate Representation and Evaluation of Page Segmentation in Document Images
* Pixel-to-Pixel Matching for Image Recognition Using Hungarian Graph Matching
* Pronunciation Clustering and Modeling of Variability for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Response to Projection Methods Require Black Border Removal
* Sparse Patch-Histograms for Object Classification in Cluttered Images
* Statistical Image Object Recognition using Mixture Densities
* System That Learns to Tag Videos by Watching Youtube, A
* Tangent distance kernels for support vector machines
* Tracking Using Dynamic Programming for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Training and Recognition of Complex Scenes Using a Holistic Statistical Model
Includes: Keysers, D.[Daniel] Keysers, D.
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