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Kihai, Y.[Yury] Co Author Listing * AVHRR GAC Sea Surface Temperature Reanalysis Version 2
* AVHRR GAC SST Reanalysis Version 1 (RAN1)
* Improved VIIRS and MODIS SST Imagery
* JPSS VIIRS SST Reanalysis Version 3
* Metop First Generation AVHRR FRAC SST Reanalysis Version 1
* Optimization of Sensitivity of GOES-16 ABI Sea Surface Temperature by Matching Satellite Observations with L4 Analysis
* Sensor Stability for SST (3S): Toward Improved Long-Term Characterization of AVHRR Thermal Bands
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Kihal, N.[Nassima] Co Author Listing * Efficient multimodal ocular biometric system for person authentication based on iris texture and corneal shape
* Fusion of iris and palmprint for multimodal biometric authentication
* Semi-automated Extraction of Retinal Blood Vessel Network with Bifurcation and Crossover Points
Includes: Kihal, N.[Nassima] Kihal, N.

Kihara, D. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Image Patches Using Local Moment Invariants
* EnAET: A Self-Trained Framework for Semi-Supervised and Supervised Learning with Ensemble Transformations
* On the Importance of Asymmetry for Siamese Representation Learning
* Three-dimensional Krawtchouk descriptors for protein local surface shape comparison
Includes: Kihara, D. Kihara, D.[Daisuke]

Kihara, H. Co Author Listing * 3D modeling system of human face and full 3D facial caricaturing

Kihara, K.[Kenny] Co Author Listing * StandardSim: A Synthetic Dataset for Retail Environments

Kihara, M.[Mirei] Co Author Listing * Image Tamper Detection using Mathematical Morphology

Kihara, Y. Co Author Listing * In the Shadows, Shape Priors Shine: Using Occlusion to Improve Multi-region Segmentation

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