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Kiss, A.[Attila] Co Author Listing * Calibrationless Sensor Fusion Using Linear Optimization for Depth Matching
* Localizing people in multi-view environment using height map reconstruction in real-time
* MASAT: A fast and robust algorithm for pose-graph initialization
* Multi-View Pedestrian Tracking Method in an Uncalibrated Camera Network, A
* real-time multi-camera vision system for UAV collision warning and navigation, A
* Reconstructing static scene viewed through smoke using video
Includes: Kiss, A.[Attila] Kiss, ┴.[┴kos] Kiss, A. Kiss, A.[Andras] Kiss, A.[Akos]

Kiss, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Doo-Sabin Surface Models with Biomechanical Constraints for Kalman Filter Based Endocardial Wall Tracking in 3D+T Echocardiography

Kiss, I. Co Author Listing * New Implementation of the Mellin Transform and its Application to Radar Classification of Ships, A
Includes: Kiss, I. Kiss, Jr., I.

Kiss, K.[Kinga] Co Author Listing * Applicability of a Recreational-Grade Interferometric Sonar for the Bathymetric Survey and Monitoring of the Drava River

Kiss, P.J.[Peter Jozsef] Co Author Listing * Lightweight mobile object recognition

Kiss, R. Co Author Listing * Tracking of Migrating Cells Under Phase-Contrast Video Microscopy With Combined Mean-Shift Processes

Kiss, Z.I. Co Author Listing * Integrated ubiquitous connectivity and centralised information platform for intelligent public transportation systems

Kissas, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Geological Challenges of Archaeological Prospecting: The Northern Peloponnese as a Type Location of Populated Syn-Rift Settings

Kissi, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Lesions Segmentation in Ultrasound Nonlinear Imaging
* Perfusion Analysis of Nonlinear Liver Ultrasound Images Based on Nonlinear Matrix Diffusion

Kissi, M. Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Using Decision Trees
* Fusing multi-stream deep neural networks for facial expression recognition
* new modeling approach for Arabic opinion mining recognition, A
* Optimizing self-organizing method in traffic lights with PSO algorithm in a single junction modeled with a cellular automaton
Includes: Kissi, M. Kissi, M.[Mohamed]

Kissiyar, O.[Ouns] Co Author Listing * Land cover change detection thresholds for Landsat data samples

Kissling, J. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Route Planning With Public Transport and Carpooling

Kissling, W.D.[W. Daniel] Co Author Listing * Identification of Linear Vegetation Elements in a Rural Landscape Using LiDAR Point Clouds

Kissner, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Neural-Symbolic Architecture for Inverse Graphics Improved by Lifelong Meta-learning, A

Kissoon, S. Co Author Listing * Simulation Tool for Examining the Effect of Communications on Disaster Response in the Oil and Gas Industry, A

Kissos, I. Co Author Listing * Quality scores for deep regression systems

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