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Kopylov, A. Co Author Listing * Edge Preserving in Generalized Smoothing of Signals and Images
* Elastic transformation of the image pixel grid for similarity based face identification
* Hidden Tree-Like Quasi-Markov Model and Generalized Technique for a Class of Image Processing Problems
* Pattern Recognition in Interrelated Data: The Problem, Fundamental Assumptions, Recognition Algorithms
* Signal Processing Algorithm Based on Parametric Dynamic Programming, A
* Tree-serial dynamic programming for image processing
* Variational Methods in Signal and Image Analysis
Includes: Kopylov, A. Kopylov, A.[Andrey]
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Kopylov, A.V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Variational Model for Medical Images Restoration, An
* Edge-preserving Denoising Based On Dynamic Programming On the Full Set Of Adjacency Graphs
* Multi-Quadratic Dynamic Programming Procedure of Edge-Preserving Denoising for Medical Images
* One-class Classification Criterion Robust to Anomalies in Training Dataset
* Removing Haze Particles From Single Image via Exponential Inference With Support Vector Data Description
* Skeleton Features-based Fall Detection Using Microsoft Kinect V2 With One Class-classifier Outlier Removal, A
* Tone Compression Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Medical Images
Includes: Kopylov, A.V. Kopylov, A.V.[Andrey V.]
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Kopylov, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Compression of Map Images by Multilayer Context Tree Modeling
* Compression of map images for real-time applications
* Dynamic use of map images in mobile environment
* Filtering of color map images by context tree modeling
* On the Size and Shape of Multi-level Context Templates for Compression of Map Images
Includes: Kopylov, P.[Pavel] Kopylov, P.

Kopylova, E.[Evguenia] Co Author Listing * comparison of index-based Lempel-Ziv LZ77 factorization algorithms, A

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