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Kuijf, H.J.[Hugo J.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of the Curved Midsagittal Brain Surface on MR Images
* Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities and Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge
Includes: Kuijf, H.J.[Hugo J.] Kuijf, H.J.

Kuijk, A.A.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive spline-wavelet image encoding and real-time synthesis

Kuijper, A.[Arjan] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Kuijper, A.[Arjan]: arjan kuijper AT oeaw ac at
* 3D Human Action Recognition Using Model Segmentation
* 3D Model Retrieval Using the Histogram of Orientation of Suggestive Contours
* Adaptive Visualization of Linked-Data
* Alternative 2D Shape Representations using the Symmetry Set
* Application of Radial Ray Based Segmentation to Cervical Lymph Nodes in CT Images
* automatic cell segmentation method for differential interference contrast microscopy, An
* Automatic procedural model generation for 3D object variation
* Beyond Group: Multiple Person Tracking via Minimal Topology-Energy-Variation
* Calculations on Critical Points under Gaussian Blurring
* Comparing Bitmapped Microrna Structure Images Using Mutual Symmetry
* Cosine-Driven Non-linear Denoising
* Cross-database and cross-attack Iris presentation attack detection using micro stripes analyses
* D-ID-Net: Two-Stage Domain and Identity Learning for Identity-Preserving Image Generation From Semantic Segmentation
* Deep Learning-based Face Recognition and the Robustness to Perspective Distortion
* Deriving the Medial Axis with geometrical arguments for planar shapes
* Describing and Matching 2D Shapes by Their Points of Mutual Symmetry
* Detecting Face Morphing Attacks by Analyzing the Directed Distances of Facial Landmarks Shifts
* Discrete Deep Structure
* Discrete Scale Space Neighborhood for Robust Deep Structure Extraction, A
* Efficient, Accurate, and Rotation-Invariant Iris Code
* ElasticFace: Elastic Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition
* Exploring and exploiting the structure of saddle points in Gaussian scale space
* Extended evaluation of the effect of real and simulated masks on face recognition performance
* Extended surface distance for local evaluation of 3D medical image segmentations
* Extending a distributed virtual reality system with exchangeable rendering back-ends
* Eye-MMS: Miniature Multi-Scale Segmentation Network of Key Eye-Regions in Embedded Applications
* Fiber Defect Detection of Inhomogeneous Voluminous Textiles
* From a 2D Shape to a String Structure Using the Symmetry Set
* Generalization of Fitness Exercise Recognition from Doppler Measurements by Domain-adaption and Few-shot Learning
* Geometric Skeletonization Using the Symmetry Set
* Geometrical PDEs based on second-order derivatives of gauge coordinates in image processing
* Graphical Social Topology Model for RGB-D Multi-Person Tracking, A
* Guest Editorial: Scale Space and Variational Methods
* Hierarchical Pre-Segmentation without Prior Knowledge
* hierarchical structure of images, The
* Histograms of Gaussian normal distribution for 3D feature matching in cluttered scenes
* Human Action Recognition Using Segmented Skeletal Features
* Image-Based Post-processing for Realistic Real-Time Rendering of Scenes in the Presence of Fluid Simulations and Image-Based Lighting
* Indexing of Single and Multi-instance Iris Data Based on LSH-Forest and Rotation Invariant Representation
* Iris and periocular biometrics for head mounted displays: Segmentation, recognition, and synthetic data generation
* Laplacian Eigenimages in Discrete Scale Space
* Lazy Nonlinear Diffusion Parameter Estimation
* Learnable Multi-level Frequency Decomposition and Hierarchical Attention Mechanism for Generalized Face Presentation Attack Detection
* Light and Faster Regional Convolutional Neural Network for Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images, A
* Masked face recognition: Human versus machine
* Matching 2D Shapes using their Symmetry Sets
* Minutiae-Based Gender Estimation for Full and Partial Fingerprints of Arbitrary Size and Shape
* Modulation transfer function of patch-based stereo systems
* Multi-Camera Piecewise Planar Object Tracking with Mutual Information
* Multi-view Photometric Stereo by Example
* Mutual information aspects of scale space images
* Neighbor Distance Ratios and Dynamic Weighting in Multi-biometric Fusion
* Notes on Discrete Gaussian Scale Space
* On detecting all saddle points in 2D images
* On Manifolds in Gaussian Scale Space
* On the Local Form and Transitions of Pre-symmetry Sets
* Opening up the black box of medical image segmentation with statistical shape models
* P-Laplacian Driven Image Processing
* Partial Attack Supervision and Regional Weighted Inference for Masked Face Presentation Attack Detection
* Post-comparison mitigation of demographic bias in face recognition using fair score normalization
* Preface to the Special Issue on Cyberworlds 2012
* Progressive Bilateral-Context Driven Model for Post-Processing Person Re-Identification
* PW-MAD: Pixel-Wise Supervision for Generalized Face Morphing Attack Detection
* QMagFace: Simple and Accurate Quality-Aware Face Recognition
* Qualitative and Quantitative Behaviour of Geometrical PDEs in Image Processing
* QuantFace: Towards Lightweight Face Recognition by Synthetic Data Low-bit Quantization
* Query-by-sketch based image retrieval using diffusion tensor fields
* RDEPS: A Combined Reaction-Diffusion Equation and Photometric Similarity Filter for Optical Image Restoration
* Real masks and spoof faces: On the masked face presentation attack detection
* Reconstruction and Accurate Alignment of Feature Maps for Augmented Reality
* ReGenMorph: Visibly Realistic GAN Generated Face Morphing Attacks by Attack Re-generation
* Relevance of Non-Generic Events in Scale Space Models, The
* Scale Space Hierarchy
* Screen Space Cone Tracing for Glossy Reflections
* Security Analysis of Biometric Template Protection Schemes, A
* Self-restrained triplet loss for accurate masked face recognition
* SER-FIQ: Unsupervised Estimation of Face Image Quality Based on Stochastic Embedding Robustness
* SHREC'12 Track: Sketch-Based 3d Shape Retrieval
* Stereo-Image Normalization of Voluminous Objects Improves Textile Defect Recognition
* Stripe Propagation for Color Encoded Structured Light
* Structure From Motion Pipeline for Orthographic Multi-View Images, A
* Structure of Shapes Scale Space Aspects of the (pre-) Symmetry Set, The
* Text Localization in Born-Digital Images of Advertisements
* Texturizing and Refinement of 3D City Models with Mobile Devices
* Topological Structure of Scale-Space Images, The
* Transitions of a Multi-scale Image Hierarchy Tree
* Transitions of the pre-symmetry set
* Understanding and Modeling the Evolution of Critical Points under Gaussian Blurring
* Unifying Algebraic Solvers for Scaled Euclidean Registration from Point, Line and Plane Constraints
* universal, closed-form approach for absolute pose problems, A
* Unsupervised Face Recognition using Unlabeled Synthetic Data
* Using Catastrophe Theory to Derive Trees from Images
* Visual Access to Optimization Problems in Strategic Environmental Assessment
* Visual Statistics Cockpits for Information Gathering in the Policy-Making Process
* Volumetric Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion on GPUs
* Weighted Patch-Based Reconstruction: Linking (Multi-view) Stereo to Scale Space
Includes: Kuijper, A.[Arjan] Kuijper, A.
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Kuijpers, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Affine-Invariant Triangulation of Spatio-Temporal Data with an Application to Image Retrieval
* Algebraic and Geometric Characterizations of Double-Cross Matrices of Polylines
* Analysing River Systems with Time Series Data Using Path Queries in Graph Databases
* data model and query language for spatio-temporal decision support, A
* Dynamic Data Structure to Efficiently Find the Points below a Line and Estimate Their Number, A
* Time-Series-Based Queries on Stable Transportation Networks Equipped with Sensors
* Uncertainty-Based Map Matching: The Space-Time Prism and k-Shortest Path Algorithm
* Visit Probability in Space-Time Prisms Based on Binomial Random Walk
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Kuijpers, C.M.H. Co Author Listing * Structure Learning of Bayesian Networks By Genetic Algorithms: A Performance Analysis of Control Parameters

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