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Kulce, O. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the longitudinal component of the electric field generated by flat and pixelated liquid crystal displays
* Power Spectrum Equalized Scalar Representation of Wide-Angle Optical Field Propagation
Includes: Kulce, O. Kulce, O.[Onur]

Kulcke, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Image Processing Based Calibration of High Precision Laser Projection Systems

Kulcsar, B. Co Author Listing * Back-Pressure Traffic Signal Control With Fixed and Adaptive Routing for Urban Vehicular Networks
* Bilevel Optimization for Bunching Mitigation and Eco-Driving of Electric Bus Lines
* Can AI Abuse Personal Information in an EV Fast-Charging Market?
* Distributed Eco-Driving Control of a Platoon of Electric Vehicles Through Riccati Recursion
* Distributed Ramp Metering: A Constrained Discharge Flow Maximization Approach
* Game Approach for Charging Station Placement Based on User Preferences and Crowdedness, A
* Robust Control for Urban Road Traffic Networks
Includes: Kulcsar, B. Kulcsár, B. Kulcsár, B.[Balázs]
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Kulcsar, C.[Caroline] Co Author Listing * Continuous Super-Resolution for Recovery of 1-D Image Features: Algorithm and Performance Modeling
* Statistical performance modeling for superresolution: A discrete data-continuous reconstruction framework
Includes: Kulcsar, C.[Caroline] Kulcsár, C.[Caroline]

Kulczycki, P.[Piotr] Co Author Listing * Atypical (Rare) Elements Detection: A Conditional Nonparametric Approach
* Detection of Atypical Elements by Transforming Task to Supervised Form

Kulczyk, S.[Sylwia] Co Author Listing * Small Recreational Boat Detection Using Sentinel-1 Data for the Monitoring of Recreational Ecosystem Services

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