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Kwoh, C.K.[Chee Keong] Co Author Listing * Estimating the initial values of unobservable variables in visual probabilistic networks
* pattern classification based on the nearest feature midpoints, The
* Self-Supervised Contrastive Representation Learning for Semi-Supervised Time-Series Classification
* Using Hidden Nodes in Bayesian Networks
Includes: Kwoh, C.K.[Chee Keong] Kwoh, C.K.[Chee-Keong]

Kwoh, L.K. Co Author Listing * Development Of Camera Model And Geometric Calibration/validation Of Xsat Iris Imagery
* Finding the Best-Fit Bounding-Boxes
* Large Scale Texture Mapping of Building Facades
* Monoplotting: A Semi-Automated Approach for 3D Reconstruction from Single Satellite Image
* Sensitivity Analysis In The Retrieval Of Turbid Coastal Water Bathymetry Using Worldview-2 Satellite Data
Includes: Kwoh, L.K. Kwoh, L.K.[Leong Keong]

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