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La Salle, J. Co Author Listing * Automated Image Analysis on Insect Soups
* Chord Bunch Walks for Recognizing Naturally Self-Overlapped and Compound Leaves
* Local Scale Selection Scheme for Multiscale Area Integral Invariants, A
* Mobile plant leaf identification using smart-phones
* Robust tensor factorization using maximum correntropy criterion
* Virtual 3D Models of Insects for Accelerated Quarantine Control
Includes: La Salle, J. La Salle, J.[John]

La Spina, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Infrared Hyperspectral and Ultraviolet Remote Measurements of Volcanic Gas Plume at Mt Etna during IMAGETNA Campaign
* Volcanic Environments Monitoring by Drones Mud Volcano Case Study
Includes: La Spina, A.[Alessandro] La Spina, A.

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