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Laliberte, A.S. Co Author Listing * Feature Selection Methods for Object-Based Classification of Sub-Decimeter Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery
* Multispectral Remote Sensing from Unmanned Aircraft: Image Processing Workflows and Applications for Rangeland Environments
* Texture and Scale in Object-Based Analysis of Subdecimeter Resolution Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery
Includes: Laliberte, A.S. Laliberte, A.S.[Andrea S.]

Laliberte, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Foliar Spectra and Traits of Bog Plants across Nitrogen Deposition Gradients
Includes: Laliberte, E.[Etienne] Laliberté, E.[Etienne]

Laliberte, F.[France] Co Author Listing * MONNET: Monitoring Pedestrians with a Network of Loosely-Coupled Cameras
* Registration and fusion of retinal images: a comparative study
* Registration and fusion of retinal images: An evaluation study
* Toward an Application of Content-Based Video Indexing to Computer-Assisted Descriptive Video
Includes: Laliberte, F.[France] Laliberte, F.

Laliberte, J.[Julien] Co Author Listing * Chlorophyll-a Concentration Retrieval in the Optically Complex Waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf Using Principal Component Analysis
* UAV Photgrammetric Workflows: A Best Practice Guideline
Includes: Laliberte, J.[Julien] Laliberté, J.[Julien] Laliberte, J.

Lalibertea, A.S.[Andrea S.] Co Author Listing * Spatial Dependence of Predictions from Image Segmentation: A Methods to Determine Appropriate Scales for Producing Land-Management Information

Laligant, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Turbulence Effects Removal on Infrared Sequences Degraded by Local Isoplanatism
* Complex networks: Application for Texture Characterization and Classification
* Depth from dynamic (de)focused projection
* Detection of QRS complex in ECG signal based on classification approach
* Edge enhancement by local deconvolution
* Entire Reflective Object Surface Structure Understanding
* Entire reflective object surface structure understanding based on reflection motion estimation
* Extracting Noise Elements while Preserving Edges in Spatial Domain
* Illuminant estimation in multispectral imaging
* Manufactured object sub-segmentation based on reflection motion estimation
* Noise Estimation From Digital Step-Model Signal
* Nonlinear Derivative Scheme Applied to Edge Detection, A
* QaQ: Robust 6D Pose Estimation via Quality-Assessed RGB-D Fusion
* QRS Complex Detection by Non Linear Thresholding of Modulus Maxima
* Regularization Preserving Localization of Close Edges
* Restoration of Videos Degraded by Local Isoplanatism Effects in the Near-Infrared Domain
* Salient point characterization for low resolution meshes
* SUSAN 3D operator, principal saliency degrees and directions extraction and a brief study on the robustness to noise
Includes: Laligant, O.[Olivier] Laligant, O.
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Lalinde, J.M.[Johamna Munoz] Co Author Listing * Interactive Maps for the Production of Knowledge and the Promotion of Participation from the Perspective of Communication, Journalism, and Digital Humanities
* Transparency for Participation through the Communication Approach
Includes: Lalinde, J.M.[Johamna Munoz] Lalinde, J.M.[Johamna Muñoz]

Lalit, M.[Manan] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Learning of Object-Centric Embeddings for Cell Instance Segmentation in Microscopy Images

Lalitha, D. Co Author Listing * Petri Net Generating Hexagonal Arrays
* Rectangular Arrays and Petri Nets

Lalitha, L. Co Author Listing * Fractal Based Criteria to Evaluate the Performance of Digital Image Magnification Techniques
* New Linear Feature Detection Technique Based on Second Order Neighbors, A

Lalitha, M. Co Author Listing * classifier framework for the detection of doctored images, A

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