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Lazo Cortes, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * CT-EXT: An Algorithm for Computing Typical Testor Set
* Determining the Feature Relevance for Nonclassically Described Objects and a New Algorithm to Compute Typical Fuzzy Testors
* Overview of the Evolution of the Concept of Testor, An
Includes: Lazo Cortes, M.[Manuel] Lazo-CortÚs, M.[Manuel] Lazo-Cortes, M. Lazo-Cortes, M.[Manuel]

Lazo Cortes, M.S.[Manuel S.] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Computing Goldman Fuzzy Reducts, An
* Are Reducts and Typical Testors the Same?
* Class-Specific Reducts vs. Classic Reducts in a Rule-Based Classifier: A Case Study
* Comparative Study of Two Algorithms for Computing the Shortest Reducts: MiLIT and MinReduct, A
* Computing Constructs by Using Typical Testor Algorithms
* CUDA-based hill-climbing algorithm to find irreducible testors from a training matrix, A
* Easy Categorization of Attributes in Decision Tables Based on Basic Binary Discernibility Matrix
* Fast-BR vs. Fast-CT_EXT: An Empirical Performance Study
* Glance to the Goldman's Testors from the Point of View of Rough Set Theory, A
* Impact of Basic Matrix Dimension on the Performance of Algorithms for Computing Typical Testors, The
* MinReduct: A new algorithm for computing the shortest reducts
* On Two Definitions of Reduct
* PSO-based algorithm for mining association rules using a guided exploration strategy, A
* Recommendation of Process Discovery Algorithms Through Event Log Classification
* Towards Selecting Reducts for Building Decision Rules for Rule-based Classifiers
Includes: Lazo Cortes, M.S.[Manuel S.] Lazo-CortÚs, M.S.[Manuel S.] Lazo-Cortes, M.S.[Manuel S.] Lazo CortÚs, M.S.[Manuel S.]
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Lazo, J.F.[Jorge F.] Co Author Listing * Lumen Segmentation Method in Ureteroscopy Images based on a Deep Residual U-Net architecture, A

Lazo, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * From a Serious Training Simulator for Ship Maneuvering to an Entertainment Simulator

Lazo, P.A.[Philip A.] Co Author Listing * Event driven video tracking system

Lazoglu, I.[Ismail] Co Author Listing * Novel Cascade Path Planning Algorithm for Autonomous Truck-Trailer Parking, A
* Novel Mosaic Quality Measurement Method for UAV Surveillance and Remote Sensing, A
Includes: Lazoglu, I.[Ismail] Lazoglu, I.

Lazos, I. Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Techniques In Disaster Management: Amynteon Mine Landslides, Greece

Lazott, C. Co Author Listing * Neural Processing of Targets in Visible Multispectral IR and SAR Imagery

Lazouni, M.E.[Mohammed El_Amine] Co Author Listing * Multiple classifier system for remotely sensed data clustering

Lazova, V. Co Author Listing * 360-Degree Textures of People in Clothing from a Single Image
* Control-NeRF: Editable Feature Volumes for Scene Rendering and Manipulation
* Stereo Radiance Fields (SRF): Learning View Synthesis for Sparse Views of Novel Scenes
Includes: Lazova, V. Lazova, V.[Verica]

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