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Le Daheron, F. Co Author Listing * Embedded infrared imaging to measure the deformation of a soft robotic actuator

Le Dantec, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of High Resolution Digital Surface Models Computed by PhotoScan® and MicMac® in Sub-Optimal Survey Conditions
* Diachronic UAV Photogrammetry of a Sandy Beach in Brittany (France) for a Long-Term Coastal Observatory
* Direct Georeferencing of a Pushbroom, Lightweight Hyperspectral System for Mini-UAV Applications
* Easily Implemented Methods of Radiometric Corrections for Hyperspectral-UAV: Application to Guianese Equatorial Mudbanks Colonized by Pioneer Mangroves
* Potential of UAVs for Monitoring Mudflat Morphodynamics (Application to the Seine Estuary, France)

Le Dantec, T.[Theo] Co Author Listing * Using High Spatio-Temporal Optical Remote Sensing to Monitor Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Arctic River Yenisei
Includes: Le Dantec, T.[Theo] Le Dantec, T.[Théo]

Le Deit, L.[Laetitia] Co Author Listing * Long-Distance 3D Reconstructions Using Photogrammetry with Curiosity's ChemCam Remote Micro-Imager in Gale Crater (Mars)

Le Dimet, F.X. Co Author Listing * Curvelet-Based Snake for Multiscale Detection and Tracking of Geophysical Fluids
* Deblurring from Highly Incomplete Measurements for Remote Sensing
* Estimation of a Motion Field on Satellite Images from a Simplified Ocean Circulation Model
* Level-Set-Based Image Assimilation Method: Potential Applications for Predicting the Movement of Oil Spills, A

Le Dinh, C.T. Co Author Listing * Classification of Natural Textures by Means of Two-Dimensional Orthogonal Masks
* Compact Representation for Stereoscopic Sequences with NTSC Spectral Compatibility, A
* Fuzzy Detection of Edge-Direction for Video Line Doubling
* NTSC-compatible compact representation for stereoscopic sequences, A
* Spatiotemporal Spectral Coding of Stereo Image Sequences

Le Drew, E. Co Author Listing * determination of optimal thresholds for change detection using various accuracy indices, The
* Measuring and modeling water column effects on hyperspectral reflectance in a coral reef environment
* New Approach for Calculating the Effective Dielectric Constant of the Moist Soil for Microwaves
Includes: Le Drew, E. Le Drew, E.[Ellsworth]

Le Du, L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Parametric Classification Procedures of Remotely Sensed Data Applied on Different Landscape Units, A

Le Duff, A. Co Author Listing * Quality assessment of compressed cardiac MRI. Effect of lossy compression on computerized physiological parameters

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