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Lemma, A.[Aweke] Co Author Listing * Camcorder Capture Robust Low-Complexity Watermarking of MPEG-2 Bit-Streams
* Secure Watermark Embedding Through Partial Encryption

Lemmen, C.[Christiaan] Co Author Listing * 3D Land Administration: A Review and a Future Vision in the Context of the Spatial Development Lifecycle
* Innovative Remote Sensing Methodologies for Kenyan Land Tenure Mapping
* Supporting Indoor Navigation Using Access Rights to Spaces Based on Combined Use of IndoorGML and LADM Models
* Towards 3D Indoor Cadastre Based on Change Detection from Point Clouds

Lemmens, C. Co Author Listing * Suppression of Metal Artifacts in CT Using a Reconstruction Procedure That Combines MAP and Projection Completion

Lemmens, M.[Mathias] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Data Filtering Based on Geodesic Transformations of Mathematical Morphology

Lemmens, R. Co Author Listing * Body of Knowledge for the Earth Observation and Geoinformation Sector - A Basis for Innovative Skills Development
* Combining UAV Imagery, Volunteered Geographic Information, and Field Survey Data to Improve Characterization of Rural Water Points in Malawi
* Monitoring Rural Water Points in Tanzania with Mobile Phones: The Evolution of the SEMA App
Includes: Lemmens, R. Lemmens, R.[Rob]

Lemmer, K. Co Author Listing * Reflektas: lane departure prevention system based on behavioural control

Lemmer, S.J.[Stephan J.] Co Author Listing * Ground-Truth or DAER: Selective Re-Query of Secondary Information

Lemmers, F.[Frederic] Co Author Listing * Status Quaestionis and Future Solutions for Using Multi-light Reflectance Imaging Approaches for Preserving Cultural Heritage Artifacts, A

Lemmers, O.[Olaf] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Subspace Map for Texture Segmentation, The

Lemmerz, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Calibrations and Wind Observations of an Airborne Direct-Detection Wind LiDAR Supporting ESA's Aeolus Mission

Lemmerz, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Geostatistics on Real-Time Geodata Streams: An Extended Spatiotemporal Moran's I Index with Distributed Stream Processing Technologies

Lemmetti, A. Co Author Listing * Acceleration of Kvazaar HEVC Intra Encoder With Machine Learning
* AVX2-optimized Kvazaar HEVC intra encoder
* Kvazaar HEVC still image coding on Raspberry Pi 2 for low-cost remote surveillance
* Real-Time Implementation Of Scalable Hevc Encoder

Lemmetyinen, J.[Juha] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction to Passive Microwave Brightness Temperature in Snow Cover Mapping Over China
* Derivation and Evaluation of a New Extinction Coefficient for Use With the n-HUT Snow Emission Model
* Differences Between the HUT Snow Emission Model and MEMLS and Their Effects on Brightness Temperature Simulation
* Effect of Boreal Forest Canopy in Satellite Snow Mapping: A Multisensor Analysis, The
* Error Propagation in Calibration Networks of Synthetic Aperture Radiometers
* Estimating Snow Water Equivalent with Backscattering at X and Ku Band Based on Absorption Loss
* Forward and Inverse Radar Modeling of Terrestrial Snow Using SnowSAR Data
* Influence of Thermal Properties and Canopy- Intercepted Snow on Passive Microwave Transmissivity of a Scots Pine, The
* Modeling-Based Approach for Soil Frost Detection in the Northern Boreal Forest Region With C-Band SAR, A
* Modelling the L-Band Snow-Covered Surface Emission in a Winter Canadian Prairie Environment
* Observation and Modeling of the Microwave Brightness Temperature of Snow-Covered Frozen Lakes and Wetlands
* Retrieval of Effective Correlation Length and Snow Water Equivalent from Radar and Passive Microwave Measurements
* Spatial Variability of L-Band Brightness Temperature during Freeze/Thaw Events over a Prairie Environment
Includes: Lemmetyinen, J.[Juha] Lemmetyinen, J.
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Lemmi, F.[Francesca] Co Author Listing * Web Mapping and Real-Virtual Itineraries to Promote Feasible Archaeological and Environmental Tourism in Versilia (Italy)

Lemmin, U. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Web GIS Platform for Systematic Exploration of Lake Geneva
* Monitoring Mesoscale to Submesoscale Processes in Large Lakes with Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery: The Case of Lake Geneva
Includes: Lemmin, U. Lemmin, U.[Ulrich]

Lemmon, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of dust devils and clouds on Mars
* Autonomous Detection of Dust Devils and Clouds on Mars

Lemmond, D. Co Author Listing * Chainlets: A New Descriptor for Detection and Recognition
* Evaluating a Convolutional Neural Network on Short-Wave Infra-Red Images

Lemmouchi, C. Co Author Listing * Security analysis of a three-dimensional rotation-based image encryption

Lemmouchi, F.[Farouk] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning-Based Improvement of Aerosol Optical Depth from CHIMERE Simulations Using MODIS Satellite Observations
* Three-Dimensional Distribution of Biomass Burning Aerosols from Australian Wildfires Observed by TROPOMI Satellite Observations

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