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Lohila, A.[Annalea] Co Author Listing * Satellite Determination of Peatland Water Table Temporal Dynamics by Localizing Representative Pixels of A SWIR-Based Moisture Index
* Upscaling Northern Peatland CO2 Fluxes Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Lohit, S. Co Author Listing * CS-VQA: Visual Question Answering with Compressively Sensed Images
* Direct inference on compressive measurements using convolutional neural networks
* Learning Invariant Riemannian Geometric Representations Using Deep Nets
* Predicting Dynamical Evolution of Human Activities from a Single Image
* ReconNet: Non-Iterative Reconstruction of Images from Compressively Sensed Measurements
* Reconstruction-free inference on compressive measurements
* Temporal Transformer Networks: Joint Learning of Invariant and Discriminative Time Warping
Includes: Lohit, S. Lohit, S.[Suhas]
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Lohitvisate, W.[Wanrudee] Co Author Listing * Automatic initialization of active contours and level set method in ultrasound images of breast abnormalities

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