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Meshesha, M.[Million] Co Author Listing * Matching word images for content-based retrieval from printed document images
* Recognition of printed Amharic documents
* Retrieval from Document Image Collections
* Retrieval of online handwriting by synthesis and matching
* Self Adaptable Recognizer for Document Image Collections
* Semi-automatic Adaptive OCR for Digital Libraries, A

Meshgi, K.[Kourosh] Co Author Listing * Active collaborative ensemble tracking
* Active discriminative tracking using collective memory
* Adversarial Semi-supervised Multi-domain Tracking
* AnimGAN: A Spatiotemporally-Conditioned Generative Adversarial Network For Character Animation
* Data-Driven Probabilistic Occlusion Mask to Promote Visual Tracking
* Efficient Diverse Ensemble for Discriminative Co-tracking
* Efficient Version-Space Reduction for Visual Tracking
* Expanding histogram of colors with gridding to improve tracking accuracy
* Information-Maximizing Sampling to Promote Tracking-By-Detection
* Leveraging Tacit Information Embedded in CNN Layers for Visual Tracking
* Long and Short Memory Balancing in Visual Co-Tracking Using Q-Learning
* occlusion-aware particle filter tracker to handle complex and persistent occlusions, An
* Robust discriminative tracking via query-by-bagging
* State-of-the-Art in Handling Occlusions for Visual Object Tracking, The
Includes: Meshgi, K.[Kourosh] Meshgi, K.
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Meshkat, A. Co Author Listing * Coordinated ramp metering with priorities

Meshkat, S.N. Co Author Listing * Automatic Mesh Generation Using the Symmetric Axis Transformation of Polygonal Domains

Meshkov, E.[Eugeny] Co Author Listing * Application of the Doppler Spectrum of the Backscattering Microwave Signal for Monitoring of Ice Cover: A Theoretical View
* Doppler Spectrum of the Microwave Radar Signal Backscattered From the Sea Surface in Terms of the Modified Bragg Scattering Model, The
* On the Problem of the Sea Ice Detection by Orbital Microwave Doppler Radar at the Nadir Sounding
Includes: Meshkov, E.[Eugeny] Meshkov, E.

Meshkov, E.M. Co Author Listing * Measuring the Variance of the Vertical Orbital Velocity Component by an Acoustic Wave Gauge With a Single Transceiver Antenna

Meshoul, S. Co Author Listing * Ant colony system with external dynamics for point matching and pose estimation
* Deep Learning-Based Framework for Soil Moisture Content Retrieval of Bare Soil from Satellite Data
* Fuzzy-Connectionist System for Diagnosing Cervical Cancer from Cell Images, A
* Robust Point Correspondence for Image Registration Using Optimization with Extremal Dynamics
Includes: Meshoul, S. Meshoul, S.[Souham]

Meshram, P.S.[Pragati Shuddhodhan] Co Author Listing * Multi-source Open-set Deep Adversarial Domain Adaptation

Meshram, V.A. Co Author Listing * Astute Assistive Device for Mobility and Object Recognition for Visually Impaired People, An

Meshram, V.V. Co Author Listing * Astute Assistive Device for Mobility and Object Recognition for Visually Impaired People, An

Meshry, M.[Moustafa] Co Author Listing * GRIT: GAN Residuals for Paired Image-to-Image Translation
* Learned Spatial Representations for Few-shot Talking-Head Synthesis
* Linear-time online action detection from 3D skeletal data using bags of gesturelets
* Multi-Modality Feature Transform: An Interactive Image Segmentation Approach
* Neural Rerendering in the Wild
* StEP: Style-based Encoder Pre-training for Multi-modal Image Synthesis
Includes: Meshry, M.[Moustafa] Meshry, M.

MeshuWelde, T.[Tesfayee] Co Author Listing * Counting-based visual question answering with serial cascaded attention deep learning

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