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Muth, S.[Silke] Co Author Listing * Geological Challenges of Archaeological Prospecting: The Northern Peloponnese as a Type Location of Populated Syn-Rift Settings
Includes: Muth, S.[Silke] Müth, S.[Silke] (Maybe also Mueth, S.)

Muthaia, I.[Indhumathi] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution mapping of hyperspectral satellite images using hybrid genetic algorithm

Muthanna, A.[Ammar] Co Author Listing * Determination of Critical Edges in Air Route Network Using Modified Weighted Sum Method and Grey Relational Analysis
* Toward Smart Traffic Management with 3D Placement Optimization in UAV-Assisted NOMA IIoT Networks

Muthanna, M.S.A.[Mohammed S. A.] Co Author Listing * Tomato leaf disease classification by exploiting transfer learning and feature concatenation
* Toward Smart Traffic Management with 3D Placement Optimization in UAV-Assisted NOMA IIoT Networks
Includes: Muthanna, M.S.A.[Mohammed S. A.] Muthanna, M.S.A.[Mohammed Saleh Ali]

Mutharaju, R.[Raghava] Co Author Listing * Opacity, Transparency, and the Ethics of Affective Computing

Muthiah, S.B.[Sakthi Balan] Co Author Listing * Viewpoint constrained and unconstrained Cricket stroke localization from untrimmed videos

Muthirayan, D.[Deepan] Co Author Listing * Scene-Graph Augmented Data-Driven Risk Assessment of Autonomous Vehicle Decisions

Muthireddy, V. Co Author Listing * Interactive Tour Guide for a Heritage Site, An

Muthmann, K. Co Author Listing * Intellix: End-User Trained Information Extraction for Document Archiving

Muthoka, J.M.[James M.] Co Author Listing * Mapping Opuntia stricta in the Arid and Semi-Arid Environment of Kenya Using Sentinel-2 Imagery and Ensemble Machine Learning Classifiers

Muthoni, F.[Francis] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Land Degradation in Semiarid Tanzania: Using Multiscale Remote Sensing Datasets to Support Sustainable Development Goal 15.3

Muthu, B.A.[Bala Anand] Co Author Listing * Procuring cooperative intelligence in autonomous vehicles for object detection through data fusion approach

Muthu, J.R.[Jamuna Rani] Co Author Listing * Multiplicative Long Short-Term Memory with Improved Mayfly Optimization for LULC Classification

Muthu, P. Co Author Listing * CVINet: A deep learning based model for the diagnosis of chronic venous insufficiency in lower extremity using infrared thermal images

Muthu, S.[Sundaram] Co Author Listing * Generalized framework for image and video object segmentation using affinity learning and message passing GNNS
* Homography Guided Temporal Fusion for Road Line and Marking Segmentation
* Motion Segmentation of RGB-D Sequences: Combining Semantic and Motion Information Using Statistical Inference
* Seeing Through the Glass: Neural 3D Reconstruction of Object Inside a Transparent Container
Includes: Muthu, S.[Sundaram] Muthu, S.

Muthu, T.[Tamilarasi] Co Author Listing * Interference Avoidance through Pilot-Based Spectrum Sensing Algorithm in Overlaid Femtocell Networks

Muthuchidambaranathan, P. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of multiuser MIMO systems using non-iterative technique
* WPT-Enabled UAV-Assisted Condition Monitoring Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks, A

Muthuganapathy, R.[Ramanathan] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Shape and Depth from an Engineering Database

Muthukkumarasamy, V.[Vallipuram] Co Author Listing * Off-line Signature Verification based on the Modified Direction Feature
* Off-line Signature Verification Using Enhanced Modified Direction Features in Conjunction with Neural Classifiers and Support Vector Machines
* Secure Lightweight Texture Encryption Scheme, A

Muthukrishnan, S. Co Author Listing * Algorithmic issues in modeling motion
* Improved sparse approximation over quasi-incoherent dictionaries
* Quadtree-Structured Variable-Size Block-Matching Motion Estimation with Minimal Error

Muthukudage, J.[Jayantha] Co Author Listing * Color Based Stool Region Detection in Colonoscopy Videos for Quality Measurements

Muthukumar, A. Co Author Listing * biometric system based on Gabor feature extraction with SVM classifier for Finger-Knuckle-Print, A
* Special Issue Retraction: Innovative approach for multimodal fusion recognition based feature extraction using band-limited phase-only correlation and discrete orthonormal Stockwell transform

Muthukumar, S. Co Author Listing * non-linear image denoising method for salt-and-pepper noise removal using Fuzzy-Based approach, A
* Using Aerial Imagery and GIS in Automated Building Footprint Extraction and Shape Recognition for Earthquake Risk Assessment of Urban Inventories

Muthukumar, V.[Venkatesan] Co Author Listing * Bicycle Detection Using HOG, HSC and MLBP
* Deep Belief Network for Classifying Remotely-Sensed Hyperspectral Data, A

MuthuLakshmi, G. Co Author Listing * Chaotic Encryption System Based on DNA Coding Using a Deep Neural Network, A

Muthulakshmii, G. Co Author Listing * Human Action Recognition Using Spatio-Temporal Multiplier Network and Attentive Correlated Temporal Feature

Muthumani, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * Improving Driver Performance and Experience in Assisted and Automated Driving With Visual Cues in the Steering Wheel

Muthupillai, R. Co Author Listing * Local wavelength estimation for magnetic resonance elastography

Muthusamy, M.[Manoranjan] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Based Integrated Approach to Quantify the Impact of Fluvial and Pluvial Flooding in an Urban Catchment, A

Muthusamy, R.[Rajkumar] Co Author Listing * Bimodal SegNet: Fused instance segmentation using events and RGB frames

Muthusankar, G.[Gowrappan] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Diagnosis of Mangrove Status in Data-Poor Context Using Very High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study in Pichavaram Mangrove Forest, Tamil Nadu, India

Muthuselvam, A.[Aswath] Co Author Listing * CrossLoc3D: Aerial-Ground Cross-Source 3D Place Recognition

Muthusivarajan, R.[Rajarajesawari] Co Author Listing * PocketNet: A Smaller Neural Network for Medical Image Analysis

Muthuswamy, K.[Karthik] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Offensive Team Formation in American Football Plays
* Image Retargeting in Compressed Domain
* Particle filter framework for salient object detection in videos
* Salient Motion Detection in Compressed Domain
* Salient object detection in tracking shots
Includes: Muthuswamy, K.[Karthik] Muthuswamy, K.

Muthuvel, K. Co Author Listing * Research Contributions with Algorithmic Comparison on the Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy

Muthuvel, M.[Marimuthu] Co Author Listing * Microcalcification cluster detection using multiscale products based Hessian matrix via the Tsallis thresholding scheme

Muthuwatte, L.[Lal] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation Based Assessment of the Water Production and Water Consumption of Nile Basin Agro-Ecosystems

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