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Nabi, I.R.[Ivan R.] Co Author Listing * DEEMD: Drug Efficacy Estimation Against SARS-CoV-2 Based on Cell Morphology With Deep Multiple Instance Learning
* ERGO: Efficient Recurrent Graph Optimized Emitter Density Estimation in Single Molecule Localization Microscopy
Includes: Nabi, I.R.[Ivan R.] Nabi, I.R.

Nabi, M. Co Author Listing * Abnormal event detection in videos using generative adversarial nets
* Abnormality Detection with Improved Histogram of Oriented Tracklets
* Budget-Aware Adapters for Multi-Domain Learning
* Crowd motion monitoring using tracklet-based commotion measure
* Discriminative Hallucination for Multi-Modal Few-Shot Learning
* Learning to Remember: A Synaptic Plasticity Driven Framework for Continual Learning
* Learning with dataset bias in latent subcategory models
* Low-Shot Learning From Imaginary 3D Model
* Multimodal Prototypical Networks for Few-shot Learning
* Novel dataset for fine-grained abnormal behavior understanding in crowd
* Online Continual Learning Under Extreme Memory Constraints
* Plug-and-Play CNN for Crowd Motion Analysis: An Application in Abnormal Event Detection
* Self Paced Deep Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Self-Paced Adversarial Training for Multimodal Few-Shot Learning
* Semi-supervised learning made simple with self-supervised clustering
* soft nearest-neighbor framework for continual semi-supervised learning, A
* Sparse-coded cross-domain adaptation from the visual to the brain domain
* SynthRel0: Towards a Diagnostic Dataset for Relational Representation Learning
* Temporal Poselets for Collective Activity Detection and Recognition
* Training Adversarial Discriminators for Cross-Channel Abnormal Event Detection in Crowds
* Uncertainty-Aware Contrastive Distillation for Incremental Semantic Segmentation
* Unified Objective for Novel Class Discovery, A
* Weakly Supervised One Shot Segmentation
Includes: Nabi, M. Nabi, M.[Moin] Nabi, M.[Main]
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Nabi, S.[Syed] Co Author Listing * Generic Approach toward Indoor Navigation and Pathfinding with Robust Marker Tracking, A

Nabighian, M.N. Co Author Listing * Numerical Modeling of Higher Order Magnetic Moments in UXO Discrimination

Nabih, S.[Soumaya] Co Author Listing * Can Remote Sensing Technologies Capture the Extreme Precipitation Event and Its Cascading Hydrological Response? A Case Study of Hurricane Harvey Using EF5 Modeling Framework

Nabijiang, M.[Maidina] Co Author Listing * BAM: Block attention mechanism for OCT image classification

Nabil, A.M.[Ayman M.] Co Author Listing * Post classification using Cellular Automata for Landsat images in developing countries
* Road extraction framework by using cellular neural network from remote sensing images

Nabil, E.[Emad] Co Author Listing * binary clonal flower pollination algorithm for feature selection, A

Nabil, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian Rock-Cut Tombs: The Case of MIDAN05
* Comparison of Different Cropland Classification Methods under Diversified Agroecological Conditions in the Zambezi River Basin
* Deep Recurrent Electricity Theft Detection in AMI Networks with Random Tuning of Hyper-parameters
* Performance and the Optimal Integration of Sentinel-1/2 Time-Series Features for Crop Classification in Northern Mongolia
Includes: Nabil, M. Nabil, M.[Mohsen]

Nabil, O. Co Author Listing * Sensor-realistic Synthetic Data Engine for Multi-frame High Dynamic Range Photography

Nabila, A. Co Author Listing * enhanced backoff strategy for fair channel access in WBAN-based health monitoring systems, An

Nabin, M.H.[Mahmudul Hasan] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Spacing Sampled Control of Vehicle Platoon Considering Undirected Topology and Analog Fading Networks

Nabiollahi, K.[Kamal] Co Author Listing * Random Forest-Based Soil Moisture Estimation Using Sentinel-2, Landsat-8/9, and UAV-Based Hyperspectral Data

Nabipour, N.[Narjes] Co Author Listing * Spatial Analysis of Seasonal Precipitation over Iran: Co-Variation with Climate Indices

Nabiyev, V.[Vasif] Co Author Listing * Frame duplication/mirroring detection method with binary features

Nabiyev, V.V.[Vasif V.] Co Author Listing * Secret image sharing scheme with adaptive authentication strength

Nabiyouni, M. Co Author Listing * Comparing the performance of natural, semi-natural, and non-natural locomotion techniques in virtual reality
* Design and evaluation of a visual acclimation aid for a semi-natural locomotion device
* Designing effective travel techniques with bare-hand interaction
* Interval Player: Designing a virtual musical instrument using in-air gestures
* Slice-n-Swipe: A free-hand gesture user interface for 3D point cloud annotation
Includes: Nabiyouni, M. Nabiyouni, M.[Mahdi]

Nabizadeh ShahreBabak, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Bifurcated Autoencoder for Segmentation of Covid-19 Infected Regions in Ct Images
Includes: Nabizadeh ShahreBabak, Z.[Zahra] Nabizadeh-ShahreBabak, Z.[Zahra]

Nabizadeh, N.[Nooshin] Co Author Listing * Texture Analysis of Brain CT Scans for ICP Prediction

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