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Nada, T.[Tamer] Co Author Listing * Increasing Efficiency of Nautical Chart Production and Accessibility to Marine Environment Data through an Open-Science Compilation Workflow

Nadabar, S.G. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection and Labeling by Fusion of Intensity and Range Images
* Fusion of range and intensity images on a connection machine (CM-2)
* MRF Model-Based Algorithms for Image Segmentation
* MRF Model-Based Segmentation of Range Images
* Parameter estimation in MRF line process models
* Parameter-Estimation in Markov Random-Field Contextual Models Using Geometric Models of Objects
Includes: Nadabar, S.G. Nadabar, S.G.[Sateesha G.]

Nadadur, D. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for Noise Covariance Estimation Using the Facet Model, A
* Recursive Binary Dilation and Erosion Using Digital Line Structuring Elements in Arbitrary Orientations

Nadadur, D.C.[Desika C.] Co Author Listing * email: Nadadur, D.C.[Desika C.]: desika AT george ee washington edu
* Automatic Selection of Tuning Parameters for Feature Extraction Sequences
* Computer Vision Performance Characterization
* Groundtruthing The RADIUS Model-Board Imagery
* Radius CDROM Ground Truthed Data Set, The
Includes: Nadadur, D.C.[Desika C.] Nadadur, D.C. Nadadur, D.C.[Desika-Chari]

Nadai, A.[Akitsugu] Co Author Listing * Extraction and height estimation of artificial vertical structures based on the wrapped interferometric phase difference within their layovers

Nadakuditi, R.R. Co Author Listing * LASSI: A low-rank and adaptive sparse signal model for highly accelerated dynamic imaging
* Low-Rank and Adaptive Sparse Signal (LASSI) Models for Highly Accelerated Dynamic Imaging
* Robust photometric stereo using learned image and gradient dictionaries
* Robust surface reconstruction from gradients via adaptive dictionary regularization

Nadal, C.P.[Christine P.] Co Author Listing * Applying Human Knowledge to Improve Machine Recognition of Confusing Handwritten Numerals
* Automatic Extraction of Items from Cheque Images for Payment Recognition
* Complementary Algorithms for the Recognition of Totally Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals
* Computer Recognition of Unconstrained Handwritten Numerals
* Difficult Cases in Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Methodology of Combining HMM and MLP Classifiers for Cursive Word Recognition, A
Includes: Nadal, C.P.[Christine P.] Nadal, C.P.

Nadales, J.M.[Juan Moreno] Co Author Listing * Safe Optimal Vessel Planning on Natural Inland Waterways

Nadali, D.[Davide] Co Author Listing * Combining Satellite Multispectral Imagery and Topographic Data for the Detection and Mapping of Fluvial Avulsion Processes in Lowland Areas

Nadaoka, K.[Kazuo] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Machine Learning Algorithms for Automatic Benthic Cover Monitoring and Mapping Using Towed Underwater Video Camera and High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Automatic Semantic Segmentation of Benthic Habitats Using Images from Towed Underwater Camera in a Complex Shallow Water Environment
* Development and application of a new mangrove vegetation index (MVI) for rapid and accurate mangrove mapping
* Extraction of Benthic Cover Information From Video Tows and Photographs Using Object-based Image Analysis
* Mapping the Socio-Economic and Ecological Resilience of Japanese Coral Reefscapes across a Decade
* Mapping VHR Water Depth, Seabed and Land Cover Using Google Earth Data
* Semiautomated Mapping of Benthic Habitats and Seagrass Species Using a Convolutional Neural Network Framework in Shallow Water Environments
* Time Series Analysis for Monitoring Seagrass Habitat and Environment In Busuanga, Philippines Using Google Earth Engine
* Towards Benthic Habitat 3D Mapping Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Structures from Motion Photogrammetry
Includes: Nadaoka, K.[Kazuo] Nadaoka, K.
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Nadar, E.R.S.[Edward Rajan Samuel] Co Author Listing * Dynamic image reconstruction and synthesis framework using deep learning algorithm
* High-performance dynamic magnetic resonance image reconstruction and synthesis employing deep feature learning convolutional networks
* MR image restoration and segmentation via denoising deep adversarial network for blood vessels accurate diagnosis

Nadar, M. Co Author Listing * Learning a multiscale patch-based representation for image denoising in X-RAY fluoroscopy

Nadar, M.S.[Mariappan S.] Co Author Listing * Compressed sensing using a Gaussian Scale Mixtures model in wavelet domain
* Compression of fMRI and Ultrasound Images Using 4D SPIHT
* Compression of Multidimensional Images Using JPEG2000
* Dynamic compressive magnetic resonance imaging using a Gaussian scale mixtures model
* Efficient transmission of compressed data for remote volume visualization
* Interventional 3D-Angiography: Calibration, Reconstruction and Visualization System
* Learning Global and Cluster-Specific Classifiers for Robust Brain Extraction in MR Data
* Multiframe Poisson MAP deconvolution of astronomical images
* unified space decomposition formulation of iterative methods in image deconvolution, A
* Vector Quantizer for Image Restoration, A
* View Compensated Compression of Volume Rendered Images for Remote Visualization
* Wavelet-Based Compressed Sensing Using a Gaussian Scale Mixture Model
Includes: Nadar, M.S.[Mariappan S.] Nadar, M.S.[Miriappan S.] Nadar, M.S.
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Nadaraia, A.[Akaki] Co Author Listing * Applying Close Range Non-Destructive Techniques for the Detection of Conservation Problems in Rock-Carved Cultural Heritage Sites
* Combining InfraRed Thermography and UAV Digital Photogrammetry for the Protection and Conservation of Rupestrian Cultural Heritage Sites in Georgia: A Methodological Application

Nadarajah, S.[Saralees] Co Author Listing * Approximate Distribution for the Normalized Cut, An
* Comment on Asymptotically Optimal Detection for Additive Watermarking in the DCT AND DWT Domains, A
* comment on: A one-dimensional analysis for the probability of error of linear classifiers for normally distributed classes by Rueda, A
* On the DCT Coefficient Distributions
Includes: Nadarajah, S.[Saralees] Nadarajah, S.

Nadarajan, G.[Gayathri] Co Author Listing * Automatic fish classification for underwater species behavior understanding
* Modular Approach for Automating Video Analysis, A

Nadarajan, J.[Jeba] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Multiscale Spatiotemporal Network for Traffic Forecast with Fusion of External Factors

Nadarajan, R. Co Author Listing * Coronary angiogram video compression using wavelet-based contourlet transform and region-of-interest technique
* CT and MRI image compression using wavelet-based contourlet transform and binary array technique

Nadas, J.P.B. Co Author Listing * Energy Efficient Beacon Based Synchronization for Alarm Driven Wireless Sensor Networks

Nadas, M. Co Author Listing * Data Mining Applied for Determining Stream Flow Permanence
* On the Development of A Novel Approach for Identifying Perennial Drainage In Southern Brazil: A Study Case Integrating Sentinel-2 And High-resolution Digital Elevation Models with Machine Learning Techniques

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