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Nag, H.[Harish] Co Author Listing * Decomposition and Parallel Architecture for the Geometric Transformation of Digital Images

Nag, K. Co Author Listing * Regularizing Multilayer Perceptron for Robustness

Nag, N.[Nitish] Co Author Listing * Event Mining Driven Context-aware Personal Food Preference Modelling

Nag, R. Co Author Listing * Script Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models

Nag, S.[Sreeja] Co Author Listing * Ensemble-Guided Tropical Cyclone Track Forecasting for Optimal Satellite Remote Sensing
* Episodic Learning Network for Text Detection on Human Bodies in Sports Images, An
* Mammographic Density Estimation and Classification Using Segmentation and Progressive Elimination Method
* new unified method for detecting text from marathon runners and sports players in video (PR-D-19-01078R2), A
* Proposal-Free Temporal Action Detection via Global Segmentation Mask Learning
* Semantics Guided Contrastive Learning of Transformers for Zero-shot Temporal Activity Detection
* Semi-supervised Temporal Action Detection with Proposal-Free Masking
* Serf: Towards better training of deep neural networks using log-Softplus ERror activation Function
* What's There in the Dark
* Zero-Shot Temporal Action Detection via Vision-Language Prompting
Includes: Nag, S.[Sreeja] Nag, S.[Sauradip] Nag, S.[Sanjay] Nag, S.[Sayak] Nag, S.[Sayan] Nag, S.
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Nag, Y.[Yashoda] Co Author Listing * Error concealment by data partitioning

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