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Netramai, C. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Photorealistic 3D Map Building using Mobile Multiple Stereo Cameras Setup

Netravali, A.N.[Arun N.] Co Author Listing * email: Netravali, A.N.[Arun N.]: ann AT research bell-labs com
* Accurate lightpen
* Algebraic Methods for Image Processing and Computer Vision
* Algebraic Methods in 3-D Motion Estimation from Two-View Point Correspondences
* Algorithms for Estimation of Three-Dimensional Motion
* Camera Calibration Problems: Some New Results
* Determining Articulated Motion from Perspective Views: A Decomposition Approach
* Differential and Semi-differential Invariant Signature Functions for Space Curve Recognition
* Differential Invariants of Planar Curves and Recognizing Partially Occluded Shapes
* Digital Pictures: Representation, Compression, and Standards
* digital spectrum-compatible HDTV system, The
* Holographic image representations: The Fourier transform method
* Holographic Image Representations: the Subsampling Method
* Holographic Representations of Images
* How to Catch a Crook
* How to Track a Flying Saucer
* Image Restoration Based on a Subjective Criterion
* Improved Reconstruction of DPCM-Coded Pictures
* Invariant Signatures for Planar Shape Recognition under Partial Occlusion
* Iterative algorithm for optimal fiducials under weak perspective projection
* Low discrepancy holographic image sampling
* Method and apparatus for video signal encoding with motion compensation
* Motion and Structure from Feature Correspondences: A Review
* Motion and Structure from Line Correspondences under Orthographic Projection
* Motion and Structure from Line Correspondences: Some Further Results
* Motion and Structure from Multiple Frame Correspondence
* Motion Compensated Component Color Coding
* Motion Compensated Composite Color Coding
* Motion estimation and encoding of video signals in the transform domain
* Motion from Optic Flow: Multiplicity of Solutions
* Motion of Nonrigid Objects from Multiframe Correspondences
* Motion-Compensated Television Coding: Part 1
* Motion-Compensated Television Coding: Some new Results
* New Devices for 3D Pose Estimation: Mantis Eyes, Agam Paintings, Sundials, and Other Space Fiducials
* new lightpen for raster displays, A
* Number of Solutions for Motion and Structure from Multiple Frame Correspondence
* On Holographic Transform Compression of Images
* On Minimal Energy Trajectories
* On the use of shadows in stance recovery
* Optimum Fiducials Under Weak Perspective Projection
* Optimum Rigid Motion with One Perspective View
* ORE Differential Invariants of Planar Curves and Recognizing Partially Occluded Planar Shapes
* Recursive Motion Compensation: A Review
* Technique for estimation of displacement and/or velocity of objects in video scenes
* Time-recursive deinterlacing for IDTV and pyramid coding
* Transform Domain Motion Estimation
* Transmission of Gray Level Images by Multilevel Dither Techniques
* Trifocal tensors for weak perspective and paraperspective projections
* Uniqueness of 3D Pose under Weak Perspective: A Geometrical Proof
* Uniqueness of Solutions to 3 Perspective Views of 4 Points
* Uniqueness of Solutions to Structure and Motion from Combinations of Point and Line Correspondences
* Using Affine Invariants on Perspective Projections of Plane Curves
* Using Line Correspondences in Invariant Signatures for Curve Recognition
* Video recognition system
* Video signal interpolation using motion estimation
* Visual communications
Includes: Netravali, A.N.[Arun N.] Netravali, A.N.
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Netravali, I.A.[Ilka A.] Co Author Listing * Perceptual denoising of color images

Netrdova, P.[Pavlina] Co Author Listing * Spatial Dimension of Unemployment: Space-Time Analysis Using Real-Time Accessibility in Czechia
* Using Areal Interpolation to Deal with Differing Regional Structures in International Research
Includes: Netrdova, P.[Pavlina] Netrdová, P.[Pavlína]

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