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O'Gorman, B. Co Author Listing * Quantum Annealing Applied to De-Conflicting Optimal Trajectories for Air Traffic Management

O'Gorman, F. Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Using Walsh Functions
* Finding Picture Edges Through Collinearity of Feature Points

O'Gorman, L.[Lawrence] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: O'Gorman, L.[Lawrence]: log AT ieee org
* Accuracy of a high-level, loss-tolerant video fingerprint for surveillance authentication
* Analysis of Feature Detectability from Curvature Estimation, An
* Approach to Fingerprint Filter Design, An
* Balancing Video Analytics Processing and Bandwidth for Edge-Cloud Networks
* Binarization and Multithresholding of Document Images Using Connectivity
* Comparison of Fiducial Shapes for Machine Vision Registration, A
* Comparison of Methods and Computation for Multi-Resolution Low- and Band-Pass Transforms for Image Processing, A
* Converging Squares Algorithm: An Efficient Method for Locating Peaks in Multidimensions, The
* Creating a Unified, Wide-Area Activity Map for Multi-Camera Networks
* Curvilinear Feature Detection from Curvature Estimation
* Determination of vitality from a non-invasive biomedical measurement for use in fingerprint scanners
* Document Image Analysis
* Document Image Analysis: A Bibliography
* Document image analysis: a primer
* Document Spectrum for Page Layout Analysis, The
* Experimental comparisons of binarization and multi-thresholding methods on document images
* Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on Image- and Video-Based Biometrics
* Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on Image- and Video-Based Biometrics: Part II
* Image and document processing techniques for the RightPages electronic library system
* Image Segmentation and Nucleus Classification for Automated Tissue Section Analysis
* Image skeletonization method
* Innovations in fingerprint capture devices
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Biometrics: Progress and Directions
* K x K Thinning
* Latency in Speech Feature Analysis for Telepresence Event Coding
* Marking text features of document images to deter illicit dissemination
* Motion feature filtering for event detection in crowded scenes
* Note on Histogram Equalization for Optimal Intensity Range Utilization, A
* Object Model for Image Recognition, An
* Orthographic Perspective Mappings for Consistent Wide-Area Motion Feature Maps From Multiple Cameras
* Overview of Techniques for Graphics Recognition, An
* Photo-Image Authentication by Pattern Recognition and Cryptography
* Practical Algorithms for Image Analysis: Description, Examples, and Code
* Practical Systems for Personal Fingerprint Authentication
* Primitives Chain Code
* Putting a Kinder Face on Public Cameras
* RightPages Image-Based Electronic Library for Alerting and Browsing, The
* Secure Identification Documents Via Pattern Recognition and Public-key Cryptography
* Some Extensions of the Converging Squares Algorithm for Image Feature Analysis
* Special Issue: Document Image Analysis Techniques
* Subpixel Precision of Straight-Edged Shapes for Registration And Measurement
* Subpixel Registration Using a Concentric Ring Fiducial
* Temporal Filter Parameters for Motion Pattern Maps
* Video Analytics Gait Trend Measurement for Fall Prevention and Health Monitoring
* Video privacy filters with tolerance to segmentation errors for video conferencing and surveillance
* Wedge Filter Technique for Convex Boundary Estimation, The
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