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Ohn Bar, E.[Eshed] Co Author Listing * Are all objects equal? Deep spatio-temporal importance prediction in driving videos
* ASSISTER: Assistive Navigation via Conditional Instruction Generation
* Detection and localization with multi-scale models
* Exploring Data Aggregation in Policy Learning for Vision-Based Urban Autonomous Driving
* Fast and Robust Object Detection Using Visual Subcategories
* Go with the Flow: Improving Multi-view Vehicle Detection with Motion Cues
* Hand Gesture Recognition in Real Time for Automotive Interfaces: A Multimodal Vision-Based Approach and Evaluations
* Head, Eye, and Hand Patterns for Driver Activity Recognition
* Hidden Hands: Tracking Hands with an Occlusion Aware Tracker
* Joint Angles Similarities and HOG2 for Action Recognition
* Learning by Watching
* Learning Situational Driving
* Learning to Detect Vehicles by Clustering Appearance Patterns
* Long-Term Multi-Cue Tracking of Hands in Vehicles
* Looking at Pedestrians at Different Scales: A Multiresolution Approach and Evaluations
* Multi-scale volumes for deep object detection and localization
* On surveillance for safety critical events: In-vehicle video networks for predictive driver assistance systems
* Power Is in Your Hands: 3D Analysis of Hand Gestures in Naturalistic Video, The
* Preparatory coordination of head, eyes and hands: Experimental study at intersections
* SelfD: Self-Learning Large-Scale Driving Policies From the Web
* SmartPartNet: Part-Informed Person Detection for Body-Worn Smartphones
* To boost or not to boost? On the limits of boosted trees for object detection
* Vision on Wheels: Looking at Driver, Vehicle, and Surround for On-Road Maneuver Analysis
* What makes an on-road object important?
* X-World: Accessibility, Vision, and Autonomy Meet
Includes: Ohn Bar, E.[Eshed] Ohn-Bar, E.[Eshed] Ohn-Bar, E.
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Ohn, J. Co Author Listing * Motion-Based Structure Separation for Label-Free High-Speed 3-D Cardiac Microscopy

Ohn, S.Y.[Syng Yup] Co Author Listing * Decomposition of 3D Convex Structuring Element in Morphological Operation for Parallel Processing Architectures
* Morphological decomposition of convex polytopes and its application in discrete image space
* Neighborhood Decomposition of 3D Convex Structuring Elements for Morphological Operations
Includes: Ohn, S.Y.[Syng Yup] Ohn, S.Y.[Syng-Yup]

Ohn, Y.J.[Yong Jin] Co Author Listing * Spatially coherent tile mosaic method
Includes: Ohn, Y.J.[Yong Jin] Ohn, Y.J.[Yong-Jin]

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