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Ohsawa, H.[Hidefumi] Co Author Listing * Image treatment method and apparatus with error dispersion and controllable quantization

Ohsawa, K.[Kenro] Co Author Listing * Natural Color Reproduction System for Telemedicine and Its Application to Digital Camera

Ohsawa, T.[Teruo] Co Author Listing * Coastal Wind Measurements Using a Single Scanning LiDAR
* Comparison of Geophysical Model Functions for SAR Wind Speed Retrieval in Japanese Coastal Waters
* Estimation of Offshore Wind Resources in Coastal Waters off Shirahama Using ENVISAT ASAR Images
* Investigation of the Fetch Effect Using Onshore and Offshore Vertical LiDAR Devices
Includes: Ohsawa, T.[Teruo] Ohsawa, T.

Ohsawa, Y. Co Author Listing * color video image quantization method with stable and efficient color selection capability, A
* Data structures for multilayer N-dimensional data using hierarchical structure
* Database Capture System for Mechanical Drawings Using an Efficient Multi-Dimensional Graphical Data Structure, A
* Dense 3D Reconstruction with an Uncalibrated Active Stereo System
* Drawing Image Understanding Using State Transition Models
* Drawing Understanding Framework Using State Transition Models
* Efficient Data Management Method for Spatial Objects Using MD-tree-Experimental Evaluation and Comparisons, An
* Incremental Single-Source Multi-Target A* Algorithm for LBS Based on Road Network Distance
* MD-Tree: A Balanced Hierarchical Data Structure for Multi-Dimensional Data with Highly Efficient Dynamic Characteristics
* Patch-Based BTF Synthesis for Real-Time Rendering
* separation of reflected and transparent layers from real-world image sequence, The
* Separation of Reflection and Transparency Using Epipolar Plane Image Analysis
Includes: Ohsawa, Y. Ohsawa, Y.[Yutaka]
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