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Orka, H.O.[Hans Ole] Co Author Listing * Biomass Estimation Using 3D Data from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery in a Tropical Woodland
* Classifications of Forest Change by Using Bitemporal Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Discriminating between Native Norway Spruce and Invasive Sitka Spruce: A Comparison of Multitemporal Landsat 8 Imagery, Aerial Images and Airborne Laser Scanner Data
* Effects of UAV Image Resolution, Camera Type, and Image Overlap on Accuracy of Biomass Predictions in a Tropical Woodland
* Influence of Plot Size on Efficiency of Biomass Estimates in Inventories of Dry Tropical Forests Assisted by Photogrammetric Data from an Unmanned Aircraft System
* Inventory of Small Forest Areas Using an Unmanned Aerial System
* Modelling Site Index in Forest Stands Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery and Bi-Temporal Laser Scanner Data
* Prediction of Species-Specific Volume Using Different Inventory Approaches by Fusing Airborne Laser Scanning and Hyperspectral Data
* Range and AGC normalization in airborne discrete-return LiDAR intensity data for forest canopies
* Small-Footprint Discrete-Return LIDAR in Tree Species Recognition
* Tree Species Classification in Boreal Forests With Hyperspectral Data
* Use of Remotely Sensed Data to Enhance Estimation of Aboveground Biomass for the Dry Afromontane Forest in South-Central Ethiopia
* Utilizing Airborne Laser Intensity for Tree Species Classification
Includes: Orka, H.O.[Hans Ole] ěrka, H.O.[Hans Ole] ěrka, H.O.
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Orkan, A. Co Author Listing * Kinshipgan: Synthesizing of Kinship Faces from Family Photos by Regularizing a Deep Face Network

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