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Podebradska, M.[Marketa] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Climate Impacts on Annual Forage Production across U.S. Semi-Arid Grasslands
* Monitoring Drought Impact on Annual Forage Production in Semi-Arid Grasslands: A Case Study of Nebraska Sandhills
Includes: Podebradska, M.[Marketa] Podebradská, M.[Markéta]

Podeneshko, Y.[Yevgeny] Co Author Listing * Fusion of visual salience maps for object acquisition

Podenok, L.P. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Algorithm on the Basis of Truncated Walsh-Hadamard Transform and Synthetic Discriminant Functions
* Multispectral Satellite Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Clustering and Nonlinear Filtering Methods
* System for Handwritten Symbol and Signature Recognition Using FPGA Computing, The
Includes: Podenok, L.P. Podenok, L.P.[Leonid P.]

Poderico, M. Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Framework for SAR Despeckling
* Nonlocal SAR Image Denoising Algorithm Based on LLMMSE Wavelet Shrinkage, A

Podest, E.[Erika] Co Author Listing * Assessing L-Band GNSS-Reflectometry and Imaging Radar for Detecting Sub-Canopy Inundation Dynamics in a Tropical Wetlands Complex
* Characterizing Snowpack and the Freeze-Thaw State of Underlying Soil via Assimilation of Multifrequency Passive/Active Microwave Data: A Case Study (NASA CLPX 2003)
* Classifying Inundation in a Tropical Wetlands Complex with GNSS-R
* Development and Evaluation of a Multi-Year Fractional Surface Water Data Set Derived from Active/Passive Microwave Remote Sensing Data
* Feasibility of Characterizing Snowpack and the Freeze-Thaw State of Underlying Soil Using Multifrequency Active/Passive Microwave Data
* Impact of the ARSET Program on Use of Remote-Sensing Data
* Multisensor Microwave Sensitivity to Freeze/Thaw Dynamics Across a Complex Boreal Landscape
* Use of SMAP-Reflectometry in Science Applications: Calibration and Capabilities, The
Includes: Podest, E.[Erika] Podest, E.
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Podest, E.V.[Erika V.] Co Author Listing * Leveraging in-scene spectra for vegetation species discrimination with MESMA-MDA

Podesta, G.P.[Guillermo P.] Co Author Listing * Skin Sea-Surface Temperature from VIIRS on Suomi-NPP: NASA Continuity Retrievals
Includes: Podesta, G.P.[Guillermo P.] Podestá, G.P.[Guillermo P.]

Podesta, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * Topological operators: a relaxed query processing approach
Includes: Podesta, P.[Paola] Podestŕ, P.[Paola]

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