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Porr, B. Co Author Listing * Deep Brain Stimulation Artifact Removal Through Under-Sampling and Cubic-Spline Interpolation
* VLSI-Compatible Computer Vision Algorithm for Stereoscopic Depth Analysis in Real-Time, A
Includes: Porr, B. Porr, B.[Bernd]

Porr, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Non-Parametric Background Detection for Video Surveillance
* GPU Accelerated Non-Parametric Background Subtraction

Porras Garcia, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Body-Related Attentional Bias in Anorexia Nervosa and Body Dissatisfaction in Females: An Eye-Tracking and Virtual Reality New Paradigm
* Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa Through Virtual Reality-based Body Exposure and Reduction of Attentional Bias
Includes: Porras Garcia, B.[Bruno] Porras-Garcia, B.[Bruno]

Porras, A.G.F.[Alfonso Garcia Ferrer] Co Author Listing * Grassland Phenology Response to Climate Conditions in Biobio, Chile from 2001 to 2020
Includes: Porras, A.G.F.[Alfonso Garcia Ferrer] Porras, A.G.F.[Alfonso García-Ferrer]

Porras, A.R. Co Author Listing * 3D Strain Assessment in Ultrasound (Straus): A Synthetic Comparison of Five Tracking Methodologies
* BabyNet: Reconstructing 3D faces of babies from uncalibrated photographs
* Cardiac Deformation from Electro-Anatomical Mapping Data: Application to Scar Characterization
* Improved Myocardial Motion Estimation Combining Tissue Doppler and B-Mode Echocardiographic Images
* Integration of Multi-Plane Tissue Doppler and B-Mode Echocardiographic Images for Left Ventricular Motion Estimation
* Joint Cranial Bone Labeling and Landmark Detection in Pediatric CT Images Using Context Encoding
* Locally Affine Diffeomorphic Surface Registration and Its Application to Surgical Planning of Fronto-Orbital Advancement
* Spectral Correspondence Framework for Building a 3D Baby Face Model
Includes: Porras, A.R. Porras, A.R.[Antonio R.] Porras, A.R.[Antonio R]
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Porras, F.P.[Fernando Perez] Co Author Listing * Effect of Lockdown Measures on Atmospheric Nitrogen Dioxide during SARS-CoV-2 in Spain
* Project-Based Learning Applied to Unmanned Aerial Systems and Remote Sensing
Includes: Porras, F.P.[Fernando Perez] Porras, F.P.[Fernando Pérez]

Porreca, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * Implementing the European Space Agency's SentiNel Application Platform's Open-Source Python Module for Differential Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry Coseismic Ground Deformation from Sentinel-1 Data

Porrello, A.[Angelo] Co Author Listing * Buffer-MIL: Robust Multi-instance Learning with a Buffer-based Approach
* ClusterFix: A Cluster-Based Debiasing Approach without Protected-Group Supervision
* color out of space: learning self-supervised representations for Earth Observation imagery, The
* Consistency-based Self-supervised Learning for Temporal Anomaly Localization
* Continual semi-supervised learning through contrastive interpolation consistency
* Graph-Based Multi-Scale Approach With Knowledge Distillation for WSI Classification, A
* How many Observations are Enough? Knowledge Distillation for Trajectory Forecasting
* Latent Space Autoregression for Novelty Detection
* Predicting WNV Circulation in Italy Using Earth Observation Data and Extreme Gradient Boosting Model
* Rethinking Experience Replay: a Bag of Tricks for Continual Learning
* Robust Re-identification by Multiple Views Knowledge Distillation
* TrackFlow: Multi-Object Tracking with Normalizing Flows
* Transfer Without Forgetting
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Porretta, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Kinematic Galileo and GPS Performances in Aerial, Terrestrial, and Maritime Environments

Porrill, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Active-Region Models for Segmenting Medical Images
* Active-Region Models for Segmenting Textures and Colors
* Auto-Calibration: Kruppa's Equations and the Intrinsic Parameters of a Camera
* Constrained Active Region Models for Fast Tracking in Color Image Sequences
* Curve Matching and Stereo Calibration
* Deformable Model of the Human Iris for Measuring Ocular Torsion from Video Images
* Deformable Model of the Human Iris for Measuring Small 3-Dimensional Eye Movements, A
* Experiments in Vehicle Control Using Predictive Feed-Forward Stereo
* Fitting Ellipses and Predicting Confidence Envelopes Using a Bias Corrected Kalman Filter
* Geometrical Modeling from Multiple Stereo Views
* Ground Plane Obstacle Detection Under Variable Camera Geometry Using a Predictive Stereo Matcher
* Joint Probability Density Function for Linear Optic Flow Components, The
* Matching Geometrical Descriptions in Three-Space
* Optimal Combination and Constraints for Geometrical Sensor Data
* Optimal Combination of Multiple Sensors Including Stereo Vision
* Recovering Partial 3D Wire Frame Descriptions from Stereo Data
* Robust Recovery of 3D Ellipse Data
* Segmentation and Description of Binocularly Viewed Contours
* Segmentation of planar curves using local and global behaviour analysis
* Semiautomatic Tool for 3-D Medical Image Analysis Using Active Contour Models, A
* Statistical Snakes: Active Region Models
* Stereopsis, Vertical Disparity and Relief Transformations
* Tina: A 3D Vision System for Pick and Place
* Uncalibrated Relief Reconstruction and Model Alignment from Binocular Disparities
Includes: Porrill, J.[John] Porrill, J.
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Porro Munoz, D.[Dania] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition by Functional Data Analysis
* Classifying Three-way Seismic Volcanic Data by Dissimilarity Representation
* Continuous Multi-way Shape Measure for Dissimilarity Representation
* Face Recognition: Would Going Back to Functional Nature Be a Good Idea?
* Missing Values in Dissimilarity-Based Classification of Multi-way Data
* New Iris Recognition Approach Based on a Functional Representation, A
Includes: Porro Munoz, D.[Dania] Porro-Muñoz, D.[Dania] Porro-Munoz, D.[Diana] Porro-Muñoz, D.[Diana]

Porro, D.[Diana] Co Author Listing * Performance evaluation of relevance vector machines as a nonlinear regression method in real-world chemical spectroscopic data
* Representation of Chemical Spectral Data for Classification, The

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