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Raki, J. Co Author Listing * Content-Based Query of Image Databases, Inspirations from Text Retrieval: Inverted Files, Frequency-based Weights and Relevance Feedback

Rakib, M.[Mohammed] Co Author Listing * LILA-BOTI: Leveraging Isolated Letter Accumulations By Ordering Teacher Insights for Bangla Handwriting Recognition

Rakicevic, N. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Neural Conditional Ordinal Random Fields for agreement level estimation

Rakin, A.S. Co Author Listing * Bit-Flip Attack: Crushing Neural Network With Progressive Bit Search
* DA3: Dynamic Additive Attention Adaption for Memory-Efficient On-Device Multi-Domain Learning
* Defending and Harnessing the Bit-Flip Based Adversarial Weight Attack
* Parametric Noise Injection: Trainable Randomness to Improve Deep Neural Network Robustness Against Adversarial Attack
* RepNet: Efficient On-Device Learning via Feature Reprogramming
* ResSFL: A Resistance Transfer Framework for Defending Model Inversion Attack in Split Federated Learning
* T-BFA: Targeted Bit-Flip Adversarial Weight Attack
* TBT: Targeted Neural Network Attack With Bit Trojan
Includes: Rakin, A.S. Rakin, A.S.[Adnan Siraj]
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Rakipi, A. Co Author Listing * Non-contact signal detection and processing techniques for cardio-respiratory thoracic activity

Rakitin, V.S.[Vadim S.] Co Author Listing * Severe Wildfires Near Moscow, Russia in 2010: Modeling of Carbon Monoxide Pollution and Comparisons with Observations

Rakitsch, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Deterministic Approximation to Neural SDEs, A

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