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Rant, M. Co Author Listing * Digital Pre-inventory of Architectural Heritage in Kosovo Using Docu-toolsŪ, A

Ranta, R. Co Author Listing * Detection of human presence in a vehicle by vibration analysis
* Interpretation and improvement of an iterative wavelet-based denoising method
* Iterative Wavelet-Based Denoising Methods and Robust Outlier Detection
* Reference Estimation in EEG: Analysis of Equivalent Approaches

Ranta, S.I.M.[Sun Il Mohan] Co Author Listing * GPU Objects
Includes: Ranta, S.I.M.[Sun Il Mohan] Ranta, S.I.M.[Sun-Il Mohan]

Rantala, M. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-Based Reconstruction for Limited-Angle X-Ray Tomography

Rantalankila, P.[Pekka] Co Author Listing * Generating Object Segmentation Proposals Using Global and Local Search

Rantanen, T.[Toni] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Quality of TLS Point Cloud Colorization
* Interactive Geo-information In Virtual Reality: Observations and Future Challenges
Includes: Rantanen, T.[Toni] Rantanen, T.

Rantasila, K. Co Author Listing * Multi-criteria evaluation method for freight logistics innovations

Rantoson, R.[Rindra] Co Author Listing * 3D deformable model-based framework for the retrieval of near-isometric flattenable objects using Bag-of-Visual-Words, A
* 3D reconstruction of transparent objects exploiting surface fluorescence caused by UV irradiation
* Non Contact 3D Measurement Scheme for Transparent Objects Using UV Structured light

Rantz, M.[Marilyn] Co Author Listing * Linguistic summarization of video for fall detection using voxel person and fuzzy logic

Rantzsch, H.[Hannes] Co Author Listing * Signature Embedding: Writer Independent Offline Signature Verification with Deep Metric Learning

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