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Ress, D. Co Author Listing * Shape-Based Regularization of Electron Tomographic Reconstruction
* Simple Signed-Distance Function Depth Calculation Applied to Measurement of the fMRI BOLD Hemodynamic Response Function in Human Visual Cortex
* Surface-Based Imaging Methods for High-Resolution Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Ress, D. Ress, D.[David]

Resseguie, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal Conceptual Schema Development for Wide-Area Sensor Networks

Ressel, R.[Rudolf] Co Author Listing * Comparing Near Coincident Space Borne C and X Band Fully Polarimetric SAR Data for Arctic Sea Ice Classification

Ressi, D. Co Author Listing * Cross-Dataset Data Augmentation for Convolutional Neural Networks Training
* Neighborhood-Based Recovery of Phase Unwrapping Faults

Ressl, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Mobile Laser Scanning Data and Multi-View Image Reconstruction
* Applying 3d Affine Transformation And Least Squares Matching For Airborne Laser Scanning Strips Adjustment Without GNSS/IMU Trajectory Data
* Automatic Break Line Determination for the Generation of a DTM Along the River Main
* Concept For Adaptive Mono-Plotting Using Images and Laserscanner Data, A
* Correspondence Framework for ALS Strip Adjustments based on Variants of the ICP Algorithm, A
* Dense Image Matching vs. Airborne Laser Scanning: Comparison of two methods for deriving terrain models
* DGPF-Project: Evaluation of Digital Photogrammetric Camera Systems Geometric Performance
* Digital Photogrammetric Camera Evaluation Generation of Digital Elevation Models
* Efficient Orientation And Calibration Of Large Aerial Blocks Of Multi-camera Platforms
* Glaciogenic Periglacial Landform in the Making: Geomorphological Evolution of a Rockfall on a Small Glacier in the Horlachtal, Stubai Alps, Austria
* Impact of Conformal Map Projections on Direct Georeferencing, The
* Impact of the Acquisition Geometry of Very High-Resolution Pléiades Imagery on the Accuracy of Canopy Height Models over Forested Alpine Regions
* Improvement of VHR Satellite Image Geometry with High Resolution Elevation Models
* Investigating adjustment of Airborne Laser Scanning strips without usage of GNSS/IMU trajectory data
* Minimal Set of Constraints and a Minimal Parameterization for the Trifocal Tensor, A
* Modelling of Vegetation Dynamics from Satellite Time Series to Determine Proglacial Primary Succession in the Course of Global Warming: A Case Study in the Upper Martell Valley (Eastern Italian Alps)
* Nonrigid Point Cloud Registration Using Piecewise Tricubic Polynomials as Transformation Model
* On-the-job Range Calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanners with Piecewise Linear Functions
* Overview and Experiences in Automated Markerless Image Orientation
* Practical Approach for Extracting Tree Models in Forest Environments Based on Equirectangular Projections of Terrestrial Laser Scans, A
* Quality checking of ALS Projects Using Statistics of Strip Differences
* Test Charts for Evaluating Imaging and Point Cloud Quality of Mobile Mapping Systems for Urban Street Space Acquisition
* Total canopy transmittance estimated from small-footprint, full-waveform airborne LiDAR
Includes: Ressl, C. Ressl, C.[Camillo]
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Ressl, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * MAD-MEX: Automatic Wall-to-Wall Land Cover Monitoring for the Mexican REDD-MRV Program Using All Landsat Data
* Mosaicking Mexico - The Big Picture Of Big Data
* TATSSI: A Free and Open-Source Platform for Analyzing Earth Observation Products with Quality Data Assessment
Includes: Ressl, R.[Rainer] Ressl, R.

Ressl, R.A. Co Author Listing * Trends in 15-year MODIS NDVI time series for Mexico

Ressler, E.K. Co Author Listing * Optimal error diffusion for digital halftoning using an optical neural network

Ressler, H.C. Co Author Listing * Very High-Speed Facsimile Recorder, A

Ressler, M.A. Co Author Listing * Ultrawideband (UWB) Radar Imaging of Building Interior: Measurements and Predictions

Ressler, S. Co Author Listing * Human identification from body shape

Ressmann, A.[Anja] Co Author Listing * IVOS - The ITEC Interactive Video Object Search System at VBS2021

Ressner, M.[Marcus] Co Author Listing * 3D Wiener Filtering to Reduce Reverberations in Ultrasound Image Sequences

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