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Ryoo, D.[Dongkyun] Co Author Listing * Belief-Based Task Offloading Algorithm in Vehicular Edge Computing, A

Ryoo, J.D.[Jeong Dong] Co Author Listing * Protection Switching Methods for Point-to-Multipoint Connections in Packet Transport Networks
Includes: Ryoo, J.D.[Jeong Dong] Ryoo, J.D.[Jeong-Dong]

Ryoo, J.S.[Jang Soo] Co Author Listing * Iris Identification System and Method of Identifying a Person Through Iris Recognition

Ryoo, K.[Kwangrok] Co Author Listing * 3D GAN Inversion with Pose Optimization
* ConMatch: Semi-supervised Learning with Confidence-Guided Consistency Regularization
* Semi-Supervised Learning of Semantic Correspondence with Pseudo-Labels
* Towards Flexible Inductive Bias via Progressive Reparameterization Scheduling

Ryoo, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Intermediate Representations for Video Understanding

Ryoo, M.S.[Michael S.] Co Author Listing * 4D-Net for Learned Multi-Modal Alignment
* Action-Conditioned Convolutional Future Regression Models for Robot Imitation Learning
* Adversarial Generative Grammars for Human Activity Prediction
* Assemblenet++: Assembling Modality Representations via Attention Connections
* Attentionnas: Spatiotemporal Attention Cell Search for Video Classification
* Coarse-Fine Networks for Temporal Activity Detection in Videos
* Cross-modal Manifold Cutmix for Self-supervised Video Representation Learning
* Detection of abandoned objects in crowded environments
* Detection of object abandonment using temporal logic
* Evolving Losses for Unsupervised Video Representation Learning
* Evolving Space-Time Neural Architectures for Videos
* Fine-Grained Activity Recognition in Baseball Videos
* First-Person Activity Recognition: Feature, Temporal Structure, and Prediction
* First-Person Activity Recognition: What Are They Doing to Me?
* First-Person Animal Activity Recognition from Egocentric Videos
* Forecasting Hands and Objects in Future Frames
* Grafting Vision Transformers
* Hierarchical Recognition of Human Activities Interacting with Objects
* Human activities: Handling uncertainties using fuzzy time intervals
* Human Activity Analysis: A Review
* Human activity prediction: Early recognition of ongoing activities from streaming videos
* Identifying First-Person Camera Wearers in Third-Person Videos
* Interactive learning of human activities using active video composition
* Introduction to the 3rd Workshop on Egocentric (First-Person) Vision, An
* Joint Person Segmentation and Identification in Synchronized First- and Third-Person Videos
* Learning Latent Super-Events to Detect Multiple Activities in Videos
* Learning Multimodal Representations for Unseen Activities
* Learning Robot Activities from First-Person Human Videos Using Convolutional Future Regression
* Learning to Anonymize Faces for Privacy Preserving Action Detection
* Limited Data, Unlimited Potential: A Study on ViTs Augmented by Masked Autoencoders
* Model-Based Robot Imitation with Future Image Similarity
* MS-TCT: Multi-Scale Temporal ConvTransformer for Action Detection
* Observe-and-explain: A new approach for multiple hypotheses tracking of humans and objects
* One video is sufficient? Human activity recognition using active video composition
* Overview of Contest on Semantic Description of Human Activities (SDHA) 2010, An
* Password-conditioned Anonymization and Deanonymization with Face Identity Transformers
* Personal driving diary: Automated recognition of driving events from first-person videos
* Personal driving diary: Constructing a video archive of everyday driving events
* Pooled motion features for first-person videos
* Real-time detection of illegally parked vehicles using 1-D transformation
* Real-Time Illegal Parking Detection in Outdoor Environments Using 1-D Transformation
* Recognition of Composite Human Activities through Context-Free Grammar Based Representation
* Recognition of High-level Group Activities Based on Activities of Individual Members
* Recognizing Actions in Videos from Unseen Viewpoints
* Representation Flow for Action Recognition
* Robot-centric Activity Recognition from First-Person RGB-D Videos
* Self-supervised Video Transformer
* Semantic Representation and Recognition of Continued and Recursive Human Activities
* Semantic Understanding of Continued and Recursive Human Activities
* Spatio-temporal relationship match: Video structure comparison for recognition of complex human activities
* StARformer: Transformer With State-Action-Reward Representations for Robot Learning
* StARformer: Transformer with State-Action-Reward Representations for Visual Reinforcement Learning
* Stochastic Representation and Recognition of High-Level Group Activities
* Stochastic representation and recognition of high-level group activities: Describing structural uncertainties in human activities
* task-driven intelligent workspace system to provide guidance feedback, A
* Token Turing Machines
* Toward a unified framework of motion understanding
* Video Question Answering with Iterative Video-Text Co-tokenization
* Video scene analysis of interactions between humans and vehicles using event context
* View independent recognition of human-vehicle interactions using 3-D models
* ViewCLR: Learning Self-supervised Video Representation for Unseen Viewpoints
Includes: Ryoo, M.S.[Michael S.] Ryoo, M.S.
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Ryoo, S.B.[Sang Boom] Co Author Listing * Improvements of ADAM3 by Incorporating New Dust Emission Reduction Formulations Based on Real-Time MODIS NDVI
Includes: Ryoo, S.B.[Sang Boom] Ryoo, S.B.[Sang-Boom]

Ryoo, S.G.[Sung Gul] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for detecting speaking person's eyes and face
* Video signal bit amount control using adaptive quantization
Includes: Ryoo, S.G.[Sung Gul] Ryoo, S.G.[Sung-Gul]

Ryoo, S.M. Co Author Listing * Extended Depth from Focus Using White Light Interferometer

Ryoo, S.T.[Seung Taek] Co Author Listing * Parallel Framework for Fast Photomosaics, A
* Real-time emotion retrieval scheme in video with image sequence features
* Segmentation Based Environment Modeling Using a Single Image
Includes: Ryoo, S.T.[Seung Taek] Ryoo, S.T.[Seung-Taek]

Ryoo, W.[Wonjeong] Co Author Listing * Power of Sound (TPoS): Audio Reactive Video Generation with Stable Diffusion, The

Ryoo, W.J.[Won Jeong] Co Author Listing * Sound-Guided Semantic Video Generation

Ryoo, Y.J.[Young Jae] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Technology for Vehicular Robot to Follow Guided Track Using Neuro-Fuzzy System
* Image Technology for Camera-Based Automatic Guided Vehicle
Includes: Ryoo, Y.J.[Young Jae] Ryoo, Y.J.[Young-Jae]

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