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Sahib, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Innovative Remote Sensing Methodologies for Kenyan Land Tenure Mapping

Sahibzada, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Face Challenge Problem, The
* introduction to the good, the bad, and the ugly face recognition challenge problem, An
* Overview of the Multiple Biometrics Grand Challenge

Sahidullah, M.[Md] Co Author Listing * Adaptive i-Vector Extraction for Speaker Verification with Short Utterance, An
* Novel Windowing Technique for Efficient Computation of MFCC for Speaker Recognition, A
* Optimizing Multi-Taper Features for Deep Speaker Verification
* Speaker verification with short utterances: a review of challenges, trends and opportunities
Includes: Sahidullah, M.[Md] Sahidullah, M.

Sahillioglu, Y.[Yusuf] Co Author Listing * 3D indirect shape retrieval based on hand interaction
* 3D Shape correspondence by isometry-driven greedy optimization
* Coarse-to-fine surface reconstruction from silhouettes and range data using mesh deformation
* Deep 3D semantic scene extrapolation
* iAutoMotion: an Autonomous Content-Based Video Retrieval Engine
* IMOTION: A Content-Based Video Retrieval Engine
* IMOTION: Searching for Video Sequences Using Multi-Shot Sketch Queries
* Minimum-Distortion Isometric Shape Correspondence Using EM Algorithm
* Recent advances in shape correspondence
* Shape from silhouette using topology-adaptive mesh deformation
Includes: Sahillioglu, Y.[Yusuf] Sahillioglu, Y.
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Sahin, A. Co Author Listing * Instance Segmentation for the Quantification of Microplastic Fiber Images
* Object detection using high resolution near-field array processing

Sahin, B.[Bekir] Co Author Listing * Towards Optimal Ship Navigation Using Image Processing

Sahin, C.[Cenk] Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks in Classification of Epilepsy Using EEG Signals, The
* BOP: Benchmark for 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Category-Level 6D Object Pose Recovery in Depth Images
* learning-based variable size part extraction architecture for 6D object pose recovery in depth images, A
* Pose Guided RGBD Feature Learning for 3D Object Pose Estimation
* Recovering 6D Object Pose: A Review and Multi-Modal Analysis
* review on object pose recovery: From 3D bounding box detectors to full 6D pose estimators, A
* Summary of the 4th International Workshop on Recovering 6D Object Pose, A
Includes: Sahin, C.[Cenk] Sahin, C.[Caner] Sahin, C.
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Sahin, C.S.[Cem S.] Co Author Listing * Multi-source Multi-modal Activity Recognition in Aerial Video Surveillance

Sahin, E. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Accommodation Cues in Holographic Stereograms
* Blind area measurement with mobile robots
* Computational Coherent Imaging for Accommodation-Invariant Near-Eye Displays
* Computer-Generated Holograms for 3D Imaging: A Survey
* Depth estimation by combining stereo matching and coded aperture
* Efficient H.264 Intra Frame Coder System, An
* Framework for Assessing Rendering Techniques for Near-Eye Integral Imaging Displays, A
* Hybrid for Line Segmentation in Handwritten Documents, A
* Learning Affordances for Categorizing Objects and Their Properties
* Learning Optimal Phase-Coded Aperture for Depth of Field Extension
* Learning Wavefront Coding for Extended Depth of Field Imaging
* Phase-Coded Computational Imaging For Accommodation-Invariant Near-Eye Displays
* Shearlet-domain light field reconstruction for holographic stereogram generation
* Simulation of microlens array based plenoptic capture utilizing densely sampled light field
* Viewing Simulation of Integral Imaging Display Based on Wave Optics
Includes: Sahin, E. Sahin, E.[Erdem] Sahin, E.[Esra] Sahin, E.[Emre] Sahin, E.[Erol]
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Sahin, F. Co Author Listing * Automated 3D object identification using Bayesian networks

Sahin, G.[Gozde] Co Author Listing * Face-Specific Data Augmentation for Unconstrained Face Recognition
* HOOT: Heavy Occlusions in Object Tracking Benchmark
* Multi-Task Occlusion Learning for Real-Time Visual Object Tracking

Sahin, H.[Hakan] Co Author Listing * 3D Cultural Heritage Documentation Using Data from Different Sources
* Orthorectification By Using GPGPU Method
Includes: Sahin, H.[Hakan] Sahin, H.

Sahin, I. Co Author Listing * Developing a registration entry and query system within the scope of harmonizing of the orthophoto metadata with the international standards
* Exploring Patterns of Train Delay Evolution and Timetable Robustness
Includes: Sahin, I. Sahin, I.[Ismail]

Sahin, K.[Kadir] Co Author Listing * DroBoost: An Intelligent Score and Model Boosting Method for Drone Detection
* Drone-vs-Bird Detection Challenge at ICIAP 2021

Sahin, K.E. Co Author Listing * Compete or Collaborate: Architectures for Collaborative DASH Video Over Future Networks
* GPU Based Video Object Tracking on PTZ Cameras
* Queue-allocation optimization for adaptive video streaming over software defined networks with multiple service-levels

Sahin, M. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Framework for the Registration and Analysis of Multi-Fascicle Models for Population Studies of the Brain Microstructure, A

Sahin, M.E.[Muhammet Emin] Co Author Listing * Image processing and machine learning-based bone fracture detection and classification using X-ray images

Sahin, O. Co Author Listing * Joint Decompression and Decoding for Cloud Radio Access Networks

Sahin, P.D.[Pinar Duygulu] Co Author Listing * Identification of Illustrators

Sahin, S.[Serhat] Co Author Listing * Conditional GAN for Prediction of Glaucoma Progression with Macular Optical Coherence Tomography
* INSAR Analysis of Ayvacik 2017 (mw 5.3) Earthquake Swarm (canakkale, Nw-turkey)
Includes: Sahin, S.[Serhat] Sahin, S.

Sahin, T.[Turker] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimation Method for Rigid Motion Parameters of 2D Curves, An
* Fitting Globally Stabilized Algebraic Surfaces to Range Data
* Globally Stabilized 3L Curve Fitting
* Stable Algebraic Surfaces for 3d Object Representation

Sahin, Y.H. Co Author Listing * New Distributional Ranking Loss With Uncertainty: Illustrated in Relative Depth Estimation, A

Sahindrakar, P. Co Author Listing * Application of computational anatomy methods to MRI data for the diagnosis of Alzheimer'S disease

Sahiner, B. Co Author Listing * adaptive density-weighted contrast enhancement filter for mammographic breast mass detection, An
* Classification of malignant and benign masses based on hybrid ART2LDA approach
* Classification of mass and normal breast tissue: a convolution neural network classifier with spatial domain and texture images
* Computer-aided characterization of mammographic masses: Accuracy of mass segmentation and its effects on characterization
* Discovering intrinsic properties of human observers' visual search and mathematical observers' scanning
* Fast Algorithm For Backprojection With Linear Interpolation, A
* Image Reconstruction from Projections under Wavelet Constraints
* Iterative inversion of the Radon transform using image-adaptive wavelet constraints
* Optimizing area under the ROC curve using semi-supervised learning
* Performance Analysis of Three-Class Classifiers: Properties of a 3-D ROC Surface and the Normalized Volume Under the Surface for the Ideal Observer
* Region-of-interest tomography using exponential radial sampling
* Seamless Lesion Insertion for Data Augmentation in CAD Training
* Seeing Is Believing: Video Classification for Computed Tomographic Colonography Using Multiple-Instance Learning
* Time-Frequency Distribution Inversion of the Radon Transform
Includes: Sahiner, B. Sahiner, B.[Berkman]
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Sahinoglou, H.[Haralambos] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of multiresolution block matching techniques for motion and disparity estimation
* high-speed pyramid image coding algorithm for a VLSI implementation, A
Includes: Sahinoglou, H.[Haralambos] Sahinoglou, H.

Sahinoglu, Z. Co Author Listing * Joint Voltage and Phase Unbalance Detector for Three Phase Power Systems
* Mobility characteristics for multimedia service adaptation
Includes: Sahinoglu, Z. Sahinoglu, Z.[Zafer]

Sahinuc, F.[Furkan] Co Author Listing * Fractional Fourier Transform Meets Transformer Encoder
Includes: Sahinuc, F.[Furkan] SahinuÁ, F.[Furkan]

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