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Sayyad, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * Using Synthetic Data Generation to Probe Multi-View Stereo Networks

Sayyafan, A.[Amirhossein] Co Author Listing * Pixel-level alignment of facial images for high accuracy recognition using ensemble of patches

Sayyari, S. Co Author Listing * Blind Two-Dimensional Super-Resolution in Multiple-Input Single-Output Linear Systems

Sayyouri, M.[Mhamed] Co Author Listing * 3D image recognition using new set of fractional-order Legendre moments and deep neural networks
* Blind Image Zero-Watermarking Algorithm Based on Radial Krawtchouk Moments and Chaotic System
* Color Stereo Image Zero-Watermarking using Quaternion Radial Tchebichef Moments
* Efficient Reconstruction and Compression of Large Size ECG Signal by Tchebichef Moments
* Fast 3D image reconstruction by cuboids and 3D Charlier's moments
* Fast Algorithm of 3D Discrete Image Orthogonal Moments Computation Based on 3D Cuboid
* Fast computation of separable two-dimensional discrete invariant moments for image classification
* Image Classification Using Separable Discrete Moments of Charlier-Tchebichef
* Image reconstruction by Krawtchouk moments via digital filter
* Image-Based Visual Servoing Techniques for Robot Control
* Large Size 1D Signal Analysis by Hybrid Tchebichef-Charlier Moments
* On computational aspects of high-order dual Hahn moments
* Optimal 3D object reconstruction and classification by separable moments via the Firefly algorithm
* Stable Computation of Hahn Polynomials for Higher Polynomial Order
Includes: Sayyouri, M.[Mhamed] Sayyouri, M.
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