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Seghedoni, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Fast Dynamic Mosaicing and Person Following

Seghers, D. Co Author Listing * Comparison and Evaluation of Methods for Liver Segmentation From CT Datasets
* Image Segmentation Using Graph Representations and Local Appearance and Shape Models
* Minimal Shape and Intensity Cost Path Segmentation
Includes: Seghers, D. Seghers, D.[Dieter]

Seghier, M.L.[Mohamed L.] Co Author Listing * COVID-19 pandemic: What can bioengineers, computer scientists and big data specialists bring to the table, The
* Medical imaging: A new era of precision and holistic imaging
* Ten simple rules for reporting machine learning methods implementation and evaluation on biomedical data
* Using ChatGPT and other AI-assisted tools to improve manuscripts readability and language

Seghini, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Some Remarks on Perspective Shape-from-Shading Models

Seghiouer, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive e-learning system based on learning style and ant colony optimization

Seghir, Z.A.[Zianou Ahmed] Co Author Listing * AdaBoost neural network and cyclopean view for no-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment
* Edge-region information measure based on deformed and displaced pixel for image quality assessment
* Image Quality Assessment Based on Edge-Region Information and Distorted Pixel for JPEG and JPEG2000
* Perceptual image quality assessment based on gradient similarity and Ruderman operator
* Re-weighting features selection based on wrapper filter and genetic algorithms for figurative images recognition

Seghouane, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 2DCCA Based Approach for Improving Spatial Specificity of Activation Detection in Functional MRI
* alpha-Divergence-Based Approach for Robust Dictionary Learning, An
* Consistent Estimation of Dimensionality for Data-Driven Methods in fMRI Analysis
* PCCA: A Projection CCA Method for Effective FMRI Data Analysis

Seghouane, A.K.[Abd Krim] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for two dimensional multi set canonical correlation analysis
* Approach for Sequential Dictionary Learning in Nonuniform Noise, An
* Basis Expansion Approaches for Regularized Sequential Dictionary Learning Algorithms With Enforced Sparsity for fMRI Data Analysis
* Bayesian model selection approach to fMRI activation detection, A
* Blind image deblurring using non-negative sparse approximation
* Blurred Image Deconvolution Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures Model in Wavelet Domain
* CSMSDL: A common sequential dictionary learning algorithm for multi-subject FMRI data sets analysis
* effective image restoration using Kullback-Leibler divergence minimization, An
* Efficient feature selection for polyp detection
* EM-based hybrid Fourier-wavelet image deconvolution algorithm, An
* Estimating Effective Connectivity from fMRI Data Using Factor-based Subspace Autoregressive Models
* Feature selection using mutual information in CT colonography
* From Point to Local Neighborhood: Polyp Detection in CT Colonography Using Geodesic Ring Neighborhoods
* Geodesic-ring based curvature maps for polyp detection in CT colonography
* HRF Estimation in fMRI Data With an Unknown Drift Matrix by Iterative Minimization of the Kullback-Leibler Divergence
* Hybrid Joint Diagonalization Algorithms
* Integrated Framework for Joint HRF and Drift Estimation and HbO/HbR Signal Improvement in fNIRS Data, An
* Kullback-Leibler Divergence Approach to Blind Image Restoration, A
* Learning dictionaries from correlated data: Application to fMRI data analysis
* Maximum likelihood blind image restoration via alternating minimization
* Mean Shape Models for Polyp Detection in CT Colonography
* Non-Local Noise Estimation for Adaptive Image Denoising
* Note on Image Restoration Using Cp and MSE, A
* RBDL: Robust block-Structured dictionary learning for block sparse representation
* Robust Principal Component Analysis Using Alpha Divergence
* Robust Structured Dictionary Learning For Block Sparse Representations Using a-Divergence
* Robust Subspace Detectors Based on a-Divergence With Application to Detection in Imaging
* Sequential Dictionary Learning From Correlated Data: Application to fMRI Data Analysis
* Sparse Principal Component Analysis With Preserved Sparsity Pattern
* Sparsity Preserved Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Two-Dimensional Whitening of Face Images for Improved PCA Performance
Includes: Seghouane, A.K.[Abd Krim] Seghouane, A.K.[Abd-Krim] Seghouane, A.K.
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