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Sekkaki, A.[Abderrahim] Co Author Listing * Anomaly classification in digital mammography based on multiple-instance learning
* Fast-Tracking Application for Traffic Signs Recognition

Sekkal, H. Co Author Listing * Knowledge components detection in User-Generated Content

Sekkal, R.[Rafiq] Co Author Listing * Simple monocular door detection and tracking

Sekkas, O. Co Author Listing * Redundant GNSS-INS Low-Cost UAV Navigation Solution for Professional Applications, A

Sekkate, S. Co Author Listing * Fusing wavelet and short-term features for speaker identification in noisy environment

Sekkati, H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Motion Estimation for Positioning from 2-D Acoustic Video Imagery
* AI-AR for Bridge Inspection by Drone
* Back to Old Constraints to Jointly Supervise Learning Depth, Camera Motion and Optical Flow in a Monocular Video
* Concurrent 3-D Motion Segmentation and 3-D Interpretation of Temporal Sequences of Monocular Images
* Dense 3D Interpretation of Image Sequences: A Variational Approach Using Anisotropic Diffusion
* Direct and Indirect 3-D Reconstruction from Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging
* Framework for Natural Landmark-based Robot Localization
* Integration of Motion Cues in Optical and Sonar Videos for 3-D Positioning
* Joint Dense 3D Interpretation and Multiple Motion Segmentation of Temporal Image Sequences: A Variational Framework with Active Curve Evolution and Level Sets
* Joint optical flow estimation, segmentation, and 3D interpretation with level sets
* Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging, System Calibration and 3-D Reconstruction
* Opti-Acoustic Stereo Imaging: On System Calibration and 3-D Target Reconstruction
* Optical Flow 3D Segmentation and Interpretation: A Variational Method with Active Curve Evolution and Level Sets
* Real-Time Large-Scale Fusion of High Resolution 3D Scans with Details Preservation
* Robust Background Subtraction Using Geodesic Active Contours in ICA Subspace for Video Surveillance Applications
* Saliency-guided projection geometric correction using a projector-camera system
Includes: Sekkati, H. Sekkati, H.[Hicham]
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