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Tache, A.V.[Antonio Valentin] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Open Green Areas in Polish and Romanian Cities during 2006-2018: Insights for Spatial Planners

Tachella, J. Co Author Listing * Advances in Single-Photon Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles: Working Principles, Challenges, and Recent Advances
* Bayesian 3D Reconstruction of Complex Scenes from Single-Photon Lidar Data
* Edge-Resolved Transient Imaging: Performance Analyses, Optimizations, and Simulations
* Equivariant Imaging: Learning Beyond the Range Space
* Imaging With Equivariant Deep Learning: From unrolled network design to fully unsupervised learning
* Neural Tangent Link Between CNN Denoisers and Non-Local Filters, The
* Robust 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Scenes From Single-Photon Lidar Using Beta-Divergences
* Robust Equivariant Imaging: A fully unsupervised framework for learning to image from noisy and partial measurements
Includes: Tachella, J. Tachella, J.[Julián]
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Tachet, R. Co Author Listing * Estimating Savings in Parking Demand Using Shared Vehicles for Home-Work Commuting

Tachi, S. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Rendering System of Moving Objects

Tachi, T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Measuring the Bottom of a Pond by Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB)
* Development of New Airborne Laser Scanning Method By Meandering Flight
* Development of Versatile Mobile Mapping System on A Small Scale

Tachibana, K. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Investigation of Orthoimages Obtained from High Resolution Satellite Stereo Pairs
* Approach To Automatic Detection And Hazard Risk Assessment Of Large Protruding Rocks In Densely Forested Hilly Region, An
* Development Of Photogrammetry System For Grasping Forest Resources Information
* Empirical Accuracy Assessment of MMS Laser Point Clouds
* Full Waveform Lidar Exploitation Technique And Its Evaluation In The Mixed Forest Hilly Region
* Full-Body High-Resolution Anime Generation with Progressive Structure-Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Generation Of High Resolution And High Precision Orthorectified Road Imagery From Mobile Mapping System
* integrated system on large scale building extraction from DSM, An
* Measurement Accuracy and Measurement Characteristics of Green Lidar Drone, The
* Method Of Generating Panoramic Street Strip Image Map With Mobile Mapping System, A
* Morphological operation based dense houses extraction from DSM
* Multi Sensor Data Integration for an Accurate 3D Model Generation
* Refining Method For Building Object Aggregation And Footprint Modelling Using Multi-source Data, A
* Road Network Extraction from DSM By Mathematical Morphology And Reasoning
* Road Signs Detection And Recognition Utilizing Images And 3d Point Cloud Acquired By Mobile Mapping System
* Surface shape measuring apparatus and surface shape measuring method
* Updating Building Maps Based On Object Extraction And Building Height Estimation
Includes: Tachibana, K. Tachibana, K.[Kentaro] Tachibana, K.[Kikuo] Tachibana, K.[Katsuhiko]
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Tachibana, M.[Motoko] Co Author Listing * Complex-Valued Fully Convolutional Networks for MIMO Radar Signal Segmentation

Tachibana, R. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Discriminative Attention for Robust Anomaly Detection
* Bag-of-Features Approach to Classify Six Types of Pulmonary Textures on High-Resolution Computed Tomography, A
* Classification of Pneumoconiosis on HRCT Images for Computer-Aided Diagnosis
* Focusing on What is Relevant: Time-Series Learning and Understanding using Attention
Includes: Tachibana, R. Tachibana, R.[Rie]

Tachibana, V.M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Multiple Linear Regression Model to Obtain Dbh of Trees Using Data From a Lightweight Laser Scanning System On-board a Uav

Tachikawa, H. Co Author Listing * Internet Video-on-Demand System Architecture-Mins

Tachikawa, M.[Michiyoshi] Co Author Listing * Character recognition method for recognizing character in an arbitrary rotation position
* Document Image Segmentation and Layout Analysis
Includes: Tachikawa, M.[Michiyoshi] Tachikawa, M.

Tachikawa, T.[Tetsushi] Co Author Listing * ASTER Cloud Coverage Assessment and Mission Operations Analysis Using Terra/MODIS Cloud Mask Products
* Data Acquisition Strategies for ASTER Global DEM Generation
* Lunar Calibration for ASTER VNIR and TIR with Observations of the Moon in 2003 and 2017
* Radiometric Degradation Curves for the ASTER VNIR Processing Using Vicarious and Lunar Calibrations
* Summary of The Validation of The Second Version of The Aster Gdem
Includes: Tachikawa, T.[Tetsushi] Tachikawa, T.

Tachino, R.[Ryuuya] Co Author Listing * Reflection and Transparency Model of Rose Petals for Computer Graphics based on the Micro-Scopic Scale Structures

Tachos, S.[Stavros] Co Author Listing * Appearance and Depth for Rapid Human Activity Recognition in Real Applications
* Mining discriminative descriptors for goal-based activity detection

Tachtatzis, C.[Christos] Co Author Listing * Deep Internal Learning for Inpainting of Cloud-Affected Regions in Satellite Imagery
* Flexible Multi-Temporal and Multi-Modal Framework for Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Analysis Ready Data, A

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