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Taveira da Silva, A.M.[Angelo M.] Co Author Listing * Computer-aided grading of lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) using HRCT
Includes: Taveira da Silva, A.M.[Angelo M.] Taveira-da Silva, A.M.[Angelo M.]

Taveira, G.[Giancarlo] Co Author Listing * Automatic alignment and reconstruction of facial depth images

Tavenard, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Time-sensitive topic models for action recognition in videos

Tavera, L.D. Co Author Listing * SFM Photogrammetry As a Tool for The Conservation of The Cultural Heritage of Bogotá (Colombia), Within The Framework of The Adopt A Monument Program

Tavernarakis, N. Co Author Listing * Automated Motion Correction for In Vivo Optical Projection Tomography

Taverner, T.[Tarnia] Co Author Listing * Case Study: Chronic Pain Patients' Preferences for Virtual Reality Games for Pain Distraction, A

Tavernier, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Life-Size and Near Real-Time Test of Irrigation Scheduling with a Sentinel-2 Like Time Series (SPOT4-Take5) in Morocco, A

Tavernier, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * Internal 3D Printing of Intricate Structures
* Preservative Approach to Study Encased Archaeological Artefacts
Includes: Tavernier, C.[Cedric] Tavernier, C.[Cédric]

Tavernier, J.[Joris] Co Author Listing * Fast semi-supervised discriminant analysis for binary classification of large data sets

Tavernini, M.[Mattia] Co Author Listing * Garment-based motion capture (GaMoCap): High-density capture of human shape in motion

Taves, B. Co Author Listing * moving image genre-form guide, The

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