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Taxt, T.[Torfinn] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Taxt, T.[Torfinn]: Torfinn Taxt AT pki uib no
* Advances in Medical Imaging
* Classification of Handwritten Vector Symbols Using Elliptic Fourier Descriptors
* Evaluation of Binarization Methods for Document Images
* Evaluation of Binarization Methods for Utility Map Images
* Fast Adaptive Method for Binarization of Document Images, A
* Fast computation of 3-D geometric moments using a discrete Gauss' theorem
* Fast Computation of 3-Dimensional Geometric Moments Using a Discrete Divergence Theorem and a Generalization to Higher Dimensions
* Feature-Extraction Methods for Character-Recognition: A Survey
* Font segmentation of non-rotated, printed symbols in the vector representation
* General Software System for Supervised Statistical Classification of Symbols, A
* Gray Scale Processing of Hydrographic Maps
* Improvement of Integrated Function Algorithm for Binarization of Document Images
* Invited Talk: Pattern Recognition: Present and Future
* Local Frequency Features for Texture Classification
* Markov Random-Field Model for Classification of Multisource Satellite Imagery, A
* Maximum entropy restoration of multispectral images using a deterministic quantum field model
* Model-guided Segmentation of Corpus Callosum in MR Images
* Noise reduction and segmentation in time-varying ultrasound images
* Radial homomorphic deconvolution of B-mode medical ultrasound images
* Recognition of Digits in Hydrographic Maps: Binary Versus Topographic Analysis
* Recognition of Handwritten Symbols
* Relaxation Using Models from Quantum Mechanics
* Segmentation of Document Images
* Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping Using a Block Least-Squares Method
* Two-dimensional phase unwrapping using robust derivative estimation and adaptive integration
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