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Thrun, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * 3D shape scanning with a time-of-flight camera
* Active Mobile Robot Localization
* Algorithms for 3D Shape Scanning with a Depth Camera
* Bayesian Approach to Landmark Discovery and Active Perception in Mobile Robot Navigation, A
* Color Constancy Using KL-Divergence
* Deformable Image Mosaicing for Optical Biopsy
* Dense correspondence finding for parametrization-free animation reconstruction from video
* Design and calibration of a multi-view TOF sensor fusion system
* efficient FastSLAM algorithm for generating maps of large-scale cyclic environments from raw laser range measurements, An
* Experiences with an interactive museum tour-guide robot
* FastSLAM: A Scalable Method for the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Problem in Robotics
* High-quality scanning using time-of-flight depth superresolution
* Jacobian Images of Super-resolved Texture Maps for Model Based Motion Estimation and Tracking
* Learning Maps for Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation
* Learning metric-topological maps for indoor mobile robot navigation
* Learning to Track at 100 FPS with Deep Regression Networks
* LidarBoost: Depth superresolution for ToF 3D shape scanning
* Mosaicing a Large Number of Widely Dispersed, Noisy, and Distorted Images: A Bayesian Approach
* Multi-view image and ToF sensor fusion for dense 3D reconstruction
* Noise-Aware Filter for Real-Time Depth Upsampling, A
* Probabilistic Approach for Concurrent Map Acquisition and Localization for Mobile Robots, A
* Real time motion capture using a single time-of-flight camera
* Real-Time Human Pose Tracking from Range Data
* Recognizing Activities with Multiple Cues
* Reverse Optical Flow for Self-Supervised Adaptive Autonomous Robot Navigation
* Robust fusion of dynamic shape and normal capture for high-quality reconstruction of time-varying geometry
* SCAPE: Shape Completion and Animation of People
* Shape from Symmetry
* Simultaneous localization and mapping with unknown data association using FastSLAM
* Structure from Motion without Correspondence
* System for Three-Dimensional Robotic Mapping of Underground Mines, A
* Toward Robotic Cars
* Unsupervised learning of invariant features using video
* Upsampling range data in dynamic environments
* Using the Condensation Algorithm for Robust, Vision-based Mobile Robot Localization
Includes: Thrun, S.[Sebastian] Thrun, S.
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Thrush, S. Co Author Listing * multi-scale framework for the automated surveying of the Whangateau estuary using off-the-shelf equipment, A

Thrush, S.F.[Simon F.] Co Author Listing * framework for multiscale intertidal sandflat mapping: A case study in the Whangateau estuary, A

Thrush, T.[Tristan] Co Author Listing * Winoground: Probing Vision and Language Models for Visio-Linguistic Compositionality

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