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Tsubaki, H.[Hisayoshi] Co Author Listing * Image capturing apparatus, main subject position determination method, and computer-readable medium storing program

Tsubaki, I. Co Author Listing * adaptive video stabilization method for reducing visually induced motion sickness, An
* Fast Volume Seam Carving With Multipass Dynamic Programming
* Interframe Motion Deblurring using Spatio-Temporal Regularization
* Restoration and demosaicing for pixel mixture images in dsc video clips
Includes: Tsubaki, I. Tsubaki, I.[Ikuko]

Tsubaki, Y. Co Author Listing * All-focused Image Generation and 3d Modeling of Microscopic Images of Insects

Tsubata, S. Co Author Listing * Architecture of 23GOPs Video Signal Processor with Programmable Systolic Array

Tsuboi, Y.[Yuta] Co Author Listing * new objective function for sequence labeling, A
* System and method for estimating motion vector in macro block
Includes: Tsuboi, Y.[Yuta] Tsuboi, Y.[Yoshiro]

Tsubokawa, K.[Katsumi] Co Author Listing * Semiautomatic non-rigid 3-D image registration for MR-Guided Liver Cancer Surgery

Tsubokawa, T. Co Author Listing * Vector Addressing for Non-Sequential Sampling in FIR Image Filtering

Tsuboshita, Y. Co Author Listing * Head Pose Estimation for an Omnidirectional Camera Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Image annotation using adapted Gaussian mixture model
Includes: Tsuboshita, Y. Tsuboshita, Y.[Yukihiro]

Tsubota, K. Co Author Listing * Building a Manga Dataset Manga109 With Annotations for Multimedia Applications
* Comprehensive Comparisons of Uniform Quantizers for Deep Image Compression
* Few-Shot Font Generation with Deep Metric Learning
* Improving the Quality of Illustrations: Transforming Amateur Illustrations To A Professional Standard
* Learned Image Compression with Super-Resolution Residual Modules and DISTS Optimization
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* Unsupervised Embedding Learning by Noisy Similarity Label Optimization
Includes: Tsubota, K. Tsubota, K.[Koki]
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Tsuburaya, E.[Emi] Co Author Listing * Empirical Framework to Control Human Attention by Robot, An

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