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Upadhayay, M.D. Co Author Listing * Wavelet Based Waveform Distortion Measures for Assessment of Denoised EEG Quality With Reference to Noise-Free EEG Signal

Upadhya, A.H.K.[Adithya H. K.] Co Author Listing * GPU implementation of non-local maximum likelihood estimation method for denoising magnetic resonance images

Upadhya, K. Co Author Listing * Covariance Matrix Estimation for Massive MIMO

Upadhyay, A. Co Author Listing * 2D-3D CNN Based Architectures for Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* Adaptive enhancement of compressed SAR images
* IRGUN: Improved Residue Based Gradual Up-Scaling Network for Single Image Super Resolution
Includes: Upadhyay, A. Upadhyay, A.[Aakash]

Upadhyay, B. Co Author Listing * Individual Banana Tree Crown Delineation Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (uav) Images

Upadhyay, K.[Kamini] Co Author Listing * Ensemble learning-based COVID-19 detection by feature boosting in chest X-ray images
* Unsupervised multiscale retinal blood vessel segmentation using fundus images

Upadhyay, P. Co Author Listing * High Resolution Temporal Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices for Specific Crop Identification

Upadhyay, R. Co Author Listing * Indoor 3d Interactive Asset Detection Using a Smartphone
* novel machine learning-based analytical framework for automatic detection of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images, A
Includes: Upadhyay, R. Upadhyay, R.[Rahul]

Upadhyay, S.[Saurabh] Co Author Listing * Learning based video authentication using statistical local information
* Motion Segmentation Using Spectral Clustering on Indian Road Scenes
* Rigid-Motion-Invariant Classification of 3-D Textures
Includes: Upadhyay, S.[Saurabh] Upadhyay, S.[Sarthak] Upadhyay, S.

Upadhyay, U. Co Author Listing * Generating Out of Distribution Adversarial Attack Using Latent Space Poisoning
* Uncertainty-aware GAN with Adaptive Loss for Robust MRI Image Enhancement
Includes: Upadhyay, U. Upadhyay, U.[Uddeshya]

Upadhyaya, D.B.[Deepti B.] Co Author Listing * Indian COSMOS Network (ICON): Validating L-Band Remote Sensing and Modelled Soil Moisture Data Products, The

Upadhyaya, T.K. Co Author Listing * Lunar surface crater topology generation using adaptive edge detection algorithm

Upadhye, A.M.[Anand M.] Co Author Listing * Neural network trigger algorithms for heavy quark event selection in a fixed target high energy physics experiment
* Non-Linear Alignment of Neural Net Outputs for Partial Shape Classification

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