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Wind, G.[Galina] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Chlorophyll-a and POC MODIS Aqua Products in the Southern Ocean
* In-Flight Calibration and Performance of the OSIRIS-REx Visible and IR Spectrometer (OVIRS)
* MODIS Cloud Optical and Microphysical Products: Collection 6 Updates and Examples From Terra and Aqua, The
* NASA MODIS-VIIRS Continuity Cloud Optical Properties Products, The
* Sensitivity of Multispectral Imager Liquid Water Cloud Microphysical Retrievals to the Index of Refraction
Includes: Wind, G.[Galina] Wind, G.

Wind, M.G.J. Co Author Listing * rapid and automatic image registration algorithm with subpixel accuracy, A

Windal, F.[Feryal] Co Author Listing * Cervix Detection Driven Deep Learning Approach for Cow Heat Analysis from Endoscopic Images, A

Windeatt, T. Co Author Listing * Analytical Feature Extraction and Spectral Summation
* BeamECOC: A local search for the optimization of the ECOC matrix
* Bias-Variance Analysis of Bootstrapped Class-Separability Weighting for Error-Correcting Output Code Ensembles, A
* Circular ECOC: a Theoretical and Experimental Analysis
* Diversity/accuracy and ensemble classifier design
* ECOC and boosting with multi-layer perceptrons
* Ensemble Approaches to Facial Action Unit Classification
* Face Identification and Verification via ECOC
* Face Verification Using Error Correcting Output Codes
* Face Verification via ECOC
* Face Verification Via Error Correcting Output Codes
* Implicit Surface-Based Geometric Fusion
* Low Training Strength High Capacity Classifiers for Accurate Ensembles Using Walsh Coefficients
* Marching Triangles: Range Image Fusion for Complex Object Modelling
* Markov Random Field Approach for Interpreting Thermochromic Paint, A
* Optimal Parameter Selection for Derivative Estimation from Range Images
* Optimising Ensemble of Two-Class classifiers using Spectral Analysis
* Parameter Tuning using the Out-of-Bootstrap Generalisation Error Estimate for Stochastic Discrimination and Random Forests
* Reliable Surface Reconstruction from Multiple Range Images
* Statistics of Surface Curvature Estimates
* Strategies for Combining Classifiers Employing Shared and Distinct Pattern Representations
* Techniques for the Interpretation of Thermal Paint Coated Samples
* Tree pruning for output coded ensembles
* Upper Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Vanishing Point Detection
* Vote counting measures for ensemble classifiers
* Weighting Factors in Multiple Expert Fusion
Includes: Windeatt, T. Windeatt, T.[Terry]
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Windecker, R. Co Author Listing * Three-Dimensional Topometry with Stereo Microscopes

Winder, A. Co Author Listing * Amitran methodology framework for evaluating the impact of information and communication technology-based measures on CO2 emissions in the transport field
* Extending Page Segmentation Algorithms for Mixed-Layout Document Processing
Includes: Winder, A. Winder, A.[Amy]

Winder, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Breast Density Classification Using Local Ternary Patterns in Mammograms

Winder, R. Co Author Listing * Using Distributed Partial Memories to Improve Self-Organizing Collective Movements

Winder, S.A.J.[Simon A.J.] Co Author Listing * Discriminant Embedding for Local Image Descriptors
* Discriminative Learning of Local Image Descriptors
* Learning Local Image Descriptors
* Multi-Image Matching Using Multi-Scale Oriented Patches
* Picking the best DAISY
Includes: Winder, S.A.J.[Simon A.J.] Winder, S.A.J.[Simon A. J.]

Winder, S.G.[Samantha G.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of LiDAR and Spectral Techniques for High-Resolution Mapping of Sporadic Permafrost on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska

Windhager, F.[Florian] Co Author Listing * Once upon a Spacetime: Visual Storytelling in Cognitive and Geotemporal Information Spaces

Windham Myers, L.[Lisamarie] Co Author Listing * Above- and Belowground Biomass Carbon Stock and Net Primary Productivity Maps for Tidal Herbaceous Marshes of the United States
* Potential of Satellite Remote Sensing Time Series to Uncover Wetland Phenology under Unique Challenges of Tidal Setting, The
* remote sensing-based model of tidal marsh aboveground carbon stocks for the conterminous United States, A
Includes: Windham Myers, L.[Lisamarie] Windham-Myers, L.[Lisamarie]

Windham, J.P. Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of hippocampus from brain MRI using deformable contours
* Computerized Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Images
* Linear filter design for CNR enhancement of MR images with multiple interfering features
* Multidimensional Nonlinear Edge-Preserving Filter for Magnetic-Resonance Image Restoration, A
* multiresolution approach for contour extraction from brain images, A
* Optimal Linear Transformation for MRI Feature Extraction
Includes: Windham, J.P. Windham, J.P.[Joe P.]

Windheuser, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Beyond connecting the dots: A polynomial-time algorithm for segmentation and boundary estimation with imprecise user input
* Convex Solution to Spatially-Regularized Correspondence Problems, A
* Dense Elastic 3D Shape Matching
* Dense Non-rigid Shape Correspondence Using Random Forests
* Generalized Roof Duality for Multi-Label Optimization: Optimal Lower Bounds and Persistency
* Geometrically consistent elastic matching of 3D shapes: A linear programming solution
* Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval via Large Margin Nearest Neighbor Embedding
* Optimal Intrinsic Descriptors for Non-Rigid Shape Analysis
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Windhouwer, M.[Menzo] Co Author Listing * ISOcat Data Categories for Signed Language Resources

Winding, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Distance-based positive and unlabeled learning for ranking

Windisch, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Construction site monitoring from highly-overlapping MAV images

Windisch, K.[Katrin] Co Author Listing * Derivation of Dominant Height and Yield Class of Forest Stands by Means of Airborne Remote Sensing Methods

Windisch, L.[Luke] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Differentiation of Multi-scale Line-Structures for Model-Free Instrument Segmentation in Thoracoscopic Images

Windischberger, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Explorative signal processing in functional MR imaging

Windle, A.E.[Anna E.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Intertidal Oyster Reef Density Using Spectral and Structural Characteristics Derived from Unoccupied Aircraft Systems and Structure from Motion Photogrammetry
* Evaluating Atmospheric Correction Algorithms Applied to OLCI Sentinel-3 Data of Chesapeake Bay Waters
* Rapid and Accurate Monitoring of Intertidal Oyster Reef Habitat Using Unoccupied Aircraft Systems and Structure from Motion

Windmuller Campione, M.A.[Marcella A.] Co Author Listing * Ash Presence and Abundance Derived from Composite Landsat and Sentinel-2 Time Series and Lidar Surface Models in Minnesota, USA
Includes: Windmuller Campione, M.A.[Marcella A.] Windmuller-Campione, M.A.[Marcella A.]

Windnagel, A.[Ann] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Hemispheric and Regional Sea Ice Extent and Area Trends from NOAA and NASA Passive Microwave-Derived Climate Records

Windreich, G. Co Author Listing * Voxel-based surface area estimation: from theory to practice

Windridge, D. Co Author Listing * Artificial Co-Drivers as a Universal Enabling Technology for Future Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems
* Automatic annotation of court games with structured output learning
* Automatic annotation of tennis games: An integration of audio, vision, and learning
* Ball event recognition using hmm for automatic tennis annotation
* Can DMD obtain a Scene Background in color?
* Characterizing Driver Intention via Hierarchical Perception-Action Modeling
* Convex support and Relevance Vector Machines for selective multimodal pattern recognition
* Domain Anomaly Detection in Machine Perception: A System Architecture and Taxonomy
* Entropy-Based Approach to the Hierarchical Acquisition of Perception-Action Capabilities, An
* evaluation of bags-of-words and spatio-temporal shapes for action recognition, An
* Evaluation of face recognition system in heterogeneous environments (visible vs NIR)
* family of globally optimal branch-and-bound algorithms for 2D-3D correspondence-free registration, A
* generalisable framework for saliency-based line segment detection, A
* generalised framework for saliency-based point feature detection, A
* Globally Optimal 2D-3D Registration from Points or Lines without Correspondences
* Lattice-Based Anomaly Rectification for Sport Video Annotation
* linear-complexity reparameterisation strategy for the hierarchical bootstrapping of capabilities within perception-action architectures, A
* Linguistic Feature Vector for the Visual Interpretation of Sign Language, A
* Meeting in the Middle: A top-down and bottom-up approach to detect pedestrians
* Memory Architecture and Contextual Reasoning Framework for Cognitive Vision, A
* Morphologically Optimal Strategy for Classifier Combinaton: Multiple Expert Fusion as a Tomographic Process, A
* Movement correction in DCE-MRI through windowed and reconstruction dynamic mode decomposition
* Multilevel Chinese Takeaway Process and Label-Based Processes for Rule Induction in the Context of Automated Sports Video Annotation
* Non-enumerative Cross Validation for the Determination of Structural Parameters in Feature-Selective SVMs
* Novel Markov Logic Rule Induction Strategy for Characterizing Sports Video Footage, A
* Selectivity supervision in combining pattern-recognition modalities by feature- and kernel-selective support vector machines
* Subsurface scattering deconvolution for improved NIR-visible facial image correlation
* Unsupervised Symbol Grounding and Cognitive Bootstrapping in Cognitive Vision
* VANT-GAN: Adversarial Learning for Discrepancy-Based Visual Attribution in Medical Imaging
* Visual Bootstrapping for Unsupervised Symbol Grounding
Includes: Windridge, D. Windridge, D.[David]
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Windrim, L.[Lloyd] Co Author Listing * Automated Mapping of Woody Debris over Harvested Forest Plantations Using UAVs, High-Resolution Imagery, and Machine Learning
* Detection, Segmentation, and Model Fitting of Individual Tree Stems from Airborne Laser Scanning of Forests Using Deep Learning
* Physics-Based Deep Learning Approach to Shadow Invariant Representations of Hyperspectral Images, A
* Pretraining for Hyperspectral Convolutional Neural Network Classification
* Unsupervised feature learning for illumination robustness
* Unsupervised Feature-Learning for Hyperspectral Data with Autoencoders
Includes: Windrim, L.[Lloyd] Windrim, L.

Windsheimer, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Rate-Distortion Optimized Learning-Based Image Compression using an Adaptive Hierachical Autoencoder with Conditional Hyperprior
* RDONet: Rate-Distortion Optimized Learned Image Compression with Variable Depth

Windsor, C.G. Co Author Listing * Detection of Buried Pipes From Time-of-Flight Radar Data, The

Windsor, J.A. Co Author Listing * Camera based face tracking for enhancing surgical teamwork training with non-verbal communication
* Evaluation of the effectiveness of head tracking for view and avatar control in virtual environments
* Optimisation and comparison framework for monocular camera-based face tracking

Windupranata, W.[Wiwin] Co Author Listing * Determining Optimal Location for Mangrove Planting Using Remote Sensing and Climate Model Projection in Southeast Asia

Windyga, P. Co Author Listing * Estimation of search-space in 3D coronary artery reconstruction using angiographic biplane images

Windyga, P.S. Co Author Listing * Fast Impulsive Noise Removal
* FASU: A full automatic segmenting system for ultrasound images

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