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Zama, F.[Fabiana] Co Author Listing * Iterative Constrained Minimization for Vectorial TV Image Deblurring
* Parallel Image Restoration with Domain Decomposition
* Super-Resolution of Thermal Images Using an Automatic Total Variation Based Method
Includes: Zama, F.[Fabiana] Zama, F.

Zamalieva, D.[Daniya] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction for the moving camera: A geometric approach
* Exploiting Temporal Geometry for Moving Camera Background Subtraction
* Multi-transformational Model for Background Subtraction with Moving Cameras, A

Zaman Allah, M.[Mainassara] Co Author Listing * High-Throughput Phenotyping of Canopy Cover and Senescence in Maize Field Trials Using Aerial Digital Canopy Imaging
Includes: Zaman Allah, M.[Mainassara] Zaman-Allah, M.[Mainassara]

Zaman, A.[Anam] Co Author Listing * Fine-Scale Face Fitting and Texture Fusion With Inverse Renderer
* Spatial Monitoring and Insect Behavioural Analysis Using Computer Vision for Precision Pollination
* Towards Computer Vision and Deep Learning Facilitated Pollination Monitoring for Agriculture
Includes: Zaman, A.[Anam] Zaman, A.[Asaduz]

Zaman, F.[Faisal] Co Author Listing * Comparison of GARCH, Neural Network and Support Vector Machine in Financial Time Series Prediction
* Effect of Subsampling Rate on Subbagging and Related Ensembles of Stable Classifiers

Zaman, F.H.K.[Fadhlan Hafizhelmi Kamaru] Co Author Listing * Locally lateral manifolds of normalised Gabor features for face recognition

Zaman, H.B.[Halimah Badioze] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality as a Remedial Paradigm for Negative Numbers: Content Aspect
* Data-Driven Iterative-Evolution-Participatory Design Model on Motion-Based Science Educational Application for ADHD Learners
* Development of an Augmented Reality Rare Book and Manuscript for Special Library Collection (AR Rare-BM)
* Evaluation of Wearable Device for the Elderly (W-Emas)
* Information System Development Model: Theories Analysis and Guidelines
* Integrated Social Media Trading Platform for B40 Social Media Entrepreneurship, An
* Learning Science Using AR Book: A Preliminary Study on Visual Needs of Deaf Learners
* Mixed Reality Book: A Visualization Tool
* Review of person re-identification techniques
* Review on Data Driven Preliminary Study Pertaining to Assistive Digital Learning Technologies to Support Dyscalculia Learners
* Tangible Interaction in Learning Astronomy through Augmented Reality Book-Based Educational Tool
* Usability Evaluation of Multimedia Courseware (MEL-SindD)
* Virtual Visualisation Laboratory for Science and Mathematics Content (Vlab-SMC) with Special Reference to Teaching and Learning of Chemistry
Includes: Zaman, H.B.[Halimah Badioze] Zaman, H.B.
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Zaman, K. Co Author Listing * Building Placements In Urban Modeling Using Conditional Generative Latent Optimization
* Rank in Style: A Ranking-based Approach to Find Interpretable Directions
Includes: Zaman, K. Zaman, K.[Kerem]

Zaman, L.[Loutfouz] Co Author Listing * Automated Escalation and Incident Management in Healthcare During Mass Casualties and Pandemic Events
* Evaluation of a 3D UI with different input technologies

Zaman, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * Assessment of IMERG-V06 Precipitation Product over Different Hydro-Climatic Regimes in the Tianshan Mountains, North-Western China
* Bi-Stage Large Point Set Registration Using Gaussian Mixture Models
* Flood Management, Characterization and Vulnerability Analysis Using an Integrated RS-GIS and 2D Hydrodynamic Modelling Approach: The Case of Deg Nullah, Pakistan
* Prior model evaluation from Null Space Compensation perspective with application to surface reconstruction from single images
Includes: Zaman, M.[Muhammad] Zaman, M.[Munir]

Zaman, N.A.F.K.[N. A. F. Kamarul] Co Author Listing * Analysis of NO2 Tropospheric Column Amount At Airports In Malaysia Before and During Covid-19 Pandemic Using Sentinel-5p Tropomi Data

Zaman, Q.[Qamar] Co Author Listing * Design and Development of a Smart Variable Rate Sprayer Using Deep Learning

Zaman, Q.U.[Qamar U.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Agricultural Dykelands Cultivated in Nova Scotia Using Land Property Boundaries and Crop Inventory
* Hair Fescue and Sheep Sorrel Identification Using Deep Learning in Wild Blueberry Production
* Limiting the Collection of Ground Truth Data for Land Use and Land Cover Maps with Machine Learning Algorithms

Zamani Farahani, A.[Arash] Co Author Listing * Non-uniform sampling of plenoptic signal based on the scene complexity variations for a free viewpoint video system
Includes: Zamani Farahani, A.[Arash] Zamani-Farahani, A.[Arash]

Zamani, A.H.[Amir Hossein] Co Author Listing * hybrid deep and machine learning model for short-term traffic volume forecasting of adjacent intersections, A

Zamani, B.[Behzad] Co Author Listing * Optimized discriminative transformations for speech features based on minimum classification error

Zamani, F.[Fatemeh] Co Author Listing * Atom specific multiple kernel dictionary based Sparse Representation Classifier for medium scale image classification

Zamani, H.[Hojatollah] Co Author Listing * Asymptotically Efficient Target Localization From Bistatic Range Measurements in Distributed MIMO Radars
* Current challenges and visions in music recommender systems research
* Ellipse Recovery From Blurred Binary Images
* Scattering From Layered Rough Surfaces: Analytical and Numerical Investigations
* Separation of Nonlinearly Mixed Sources Using End-to-End Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Zamani, H.[Hojatollah] Zamani, H.[Hamed] Zamani, H.

Zamani, M.[Majid] Co Author Listing * Generation of Anatomically Inspired Human Airway Tree Using Electrical Impedance Tomography: A Method to Estimate Regional Lung Filling Characteristics
* Logistic Regression Approach to Field Estimation Using Binary Measurements, A
* Microwave Vegetation Index from Multi-Angular Observations and Its Application in Vegetation Properties Retrieval: Theoretical Modelling
* Studying the Association between Green Space Characteristics and Land Surface Temperature for Sustainable Urban Environments: An Analysis of Beijing and Islamabad
Includes: Zamani, M.[Majid] Zamani, M.[Mohammad] Zamani, M.[Mehdi]

Zamanian, K.[Kazem] Co Author Listing * Combination of Hyperspectral and Machine Learning to Invert Soil Electrical Conductivity
* Inversion of Different Cultivated Soil Types' Salinity Using Hyperspectral Data and Machine Learning

Zamanlooy, B.[Babak] Co Author Listing * Efficient Biocryptosystem Based on the Iris Biometrics, An
* Real Time Infrared Imaging System Based on DSP and FPGA, A

Zamansky, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Going Deeper than Tracking: A Survey of Computer-Vision Based Recognition of Animal Pain and Emotions

Zamari, M.A. Co Author Listing * Geospatial Approach for Groundwater Exploration At UTM Johor Bahru Campus

Zamarin, M. Co Author Listing * Edge-preserving Intra mode for efficient depth map coding based on H.264/AVC
* joint multi-view plus depth image coding scheme based on 3D-warping, A
* novel multi-view image coding scheme based on view-warping and 3D-DCT, A
* Texture side information generation for distributed coding of video-plus-depth
Includes: Zamarin, M. Zamarin, M.[Marco]

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