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ABAW21 * *Affective Behavior Analysis In-the-Wild
* Analysing Affective Behavior in the second ABAW2 Competition
* audiovisual and contextual approach for categorical and continuous emotion recognition in-the-wild, An
* Causal affect prediction model using a past facial image sequence
* Continuous Emotion Recognition with Audio-visual Leader-follower Attentive Fusion
* Emotion Recognition Based on Body and Context Fusion in the Wild
* Emotion Recognition With Sequential Multi-task Learning Technique
* Evaluating the Performance of Ensemble Methods and Voting Strategies for Dense 2D Pedestrian Detection in the Wild
* FSER: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Iterative Distillation for Better Uncertainty Estimates in Multitask Emotion Recognition
* MTMSN: Multi-Task and Multi-Modal Sequence Network for Facial Action Unit and Expression Recognition
* Multi-task Mean Teacher for Semi-supervised Facial Affective Behavior Analysis, A
* Multitask Multi-database Emotion Recognition
* Noisy Annotations Robust Consensual Collaborative Affect Expression Recognition
* Prior Aided Streaming Network for Multi-task Affective Analysis
* Public Life in Public Space (PLPS): A multi-task, multi-group video dataset for public life research
* Student Engagement Dataset
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ABAW22 * *Affective Behavior Analysis In-the-Wild
* ABAW: Valence-Arousal Estimation, Expression Recognition, Action Unit Detection & Multi-Task Learning Challenges
* Accurate 3D Hand Pose Estimation for Whole-Body 3D Human Mesh Estimation
* Action unit detection by exploiting spatial-temporal and label-wise attention with transformer
* Attention-based Method for Multi-label Facial Action Unit Detection, An
* Best of Both Worlds: Combining Model-based and Nonparametric Approaches for 3D Human Body Estimation, The
* Bridging the Gap Between Automated and Human Facial Emotion Perception
* Classification of Facial Expression In-the-Wild based on Ensemble of Multi-head Cross Attention Networks
* Coarse-to-Fine Cascaded Networks with Smooth Predicting for Video Facial Expression Recognition
* Continuous Emotion Recognition using Visual-audio-linguistic Information: A Technical Report for ABAW3
* Cross Transferring Activity Recognition to Word Level Sign Language Detection
* Ensemble Approach for Facial Behavior Analysis in-the-wild Video, An
* Estimating Multiple Emotion Descriptors by Separating Description and Inference
* Facial Expression Classification using Fusion of Deep Neural Network in Video
* Joint Cross-Attention Model for Audio-Visual Fusion in Dimensional Emotion Recognition, A
* Long-term Action Forecasting Using Multi-headed Attention-based Variational Recurrent Neural Networks
* MixAugment & Mixup: Augmentation Methods for Facial Expression Recognition
* Model Level Ensemble for Facial Action Unit Recognition at the 3rd ABAW Challenge
* Multi-task Learning for Human Affect Prediction with Auditory-Visual Synchronized Representation
* NeuralAnnot: Neural Annotator for 3D Human Mesh Training Sets
* Three Stream Graph Attention Network using Dynamic Patch Selection for the classification of micro-expressions
* TikTok for good: Creating a diverse emotion expression database
* Time-Continuous Audiovisual Fusion with Recurrence vs Attention for In-The-Wild Affect Recognition
* Transformer-based Multimodal Information Fusion for Facial Expression Analysis
* Valence and Arousal Estimation based on Multimodal Temporal-Aware Features for Videos in the Wild
* Video-based Frame-level Facial Analysis of Affective Behavior on Mobile Devices using EfficientNets
* Video-based multimodal spontaneous emotion recognition using facial expressions and physiological signals
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ABAWE22 * *Affective Behavior Analysis In-the-Wild
* ABAW: Learning from Synthetic Data & Multi-task Learning Challenges
* Affective Behavior Analysis Using Action Unit Relation Graph and Multi-task Cross Attention
* Affective Behaviour Analysis Using Pretrained Model with Facial Prior
* Byel: Bootstrap Your Emotion Latent
* Deep Semantic Manipulation of Facial Videos
* Ensemble of Multi-task Learning Networks for Facial Expression Recognition In-the-wild with Learning from Synthetic Data
* Facial Affect Recognition Using Semi-supervised Learning with Adaptive Threshold
* Facial Expression Recognition In-the-wild with Deep Pre-trained Models
* Facial Expression Recognition with Mid-level Representation Enhancement and Graph Embedded Uncertainty Suppressing
* Geometric Pose Affordance: Monocular 3d Human Pose Estimation with Scene Constraints
* MT-emotieffnet for Multi-task Human Affective Behavior Analysis and Learning from Synthetic Data
* Multi-task Learning Framework for Emotion Recognition In-the-wild
* Peri: Part Aware Emotion Recognition in the Wild
* Two-aspect Information Interaction Model for ABAW4 Multi-task Challenge
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