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AIMag( Vol No. ) * *AI Magazine

AIMag() * Application of Transfer to American Football: From Observation of Raw Video to Control in a Simulated Environment, An

AIMag(11) * SPAR: A Planner That Satisfies Operational and Geometric Goals in Uncertain Environments

AIMag(13) * Algorithms for Constraint-Satisfaction Problems: A Survey
* Sensory Aspects of Robotic Intelligence

AIMag(14) * Kicking the Sensing Habit
* Twelve-Step Program to More Efficient Robotics, A

AIMag(15) * Intelligent Hand: An Experimental Approach to Human Object Recognition and Implications for Robotics and AI, The
* Intelligent Path Prediction For Vehicular Travel
* Is Computer Vision Still AI?
* Long-Term Effects of Secondary Sensing, The

AIMag(17) * CAIR-2: Intelligent Mobile Robot for Guidance and Delivery
* Citation-Based Journal Rankings for AI Research: a Business Perspective
* From Digitized Images to Online Catalogs: Data Mining a Sky Survey
* Lola: Object Manipulation in an Unstructured Environment
* Lola: Probabilistic Navigation for Topological Maps
* Programming Chip for the IJCAI-95 Robot Competition

AIMag(18) * Dynamic Object Capture Using Fast Vision Tracking

AIMag(19) * Combining Neural Networks and Context-Driven Search for Online, Printed Handwriting Recognition in the Newton
* Mita: An Information Extraction Approach to the Analysis of Free-Form Text in Life-Insurance Applications

AIMag(20) * Computers Seeing People
* Machine Learning, Machine Vision, and the Brain

AIMag(21) * Overview of RoboCup-98
* Overview of RoboCup-99
* Vision, Strategy, and Localization Using the Sony Legged Robots at RoboCup-98

AIMag(23) * Support Vector Machines and Kernel Methods: The New Generation of Learning Machines

AIMag(34) * Learning Compact Visual Descriptors for Low Bit Rate Mobile Landmark Search
* Mechanix: A Sketch-Based Tutoring and Grading System for Free-Body Diagrams
* Speaking Louder than Words with Pictures Across Languages
* Thinking Fast and Slow: An Approach to Energy-Efficient Human Activity Recognition on Mobile Devices

AIMag(35) * Integrating Digital Pens in Breast Imaging for Instant Knowledge Acquisition
* Multirobot Coordination for Space Exploration
* Reconstructing Velocities of Migrating Birds from Weather Radar: A Case Study in Computational Sustainability
* Science Autonomy for Rover Subsurface Exploration of the Atacama Desert
* Using Analogy to Cluster Hand-Drawn Sketches for Sketch-Based Educational Software

AIMag(36) * Control Strategies and Artificial Intelligence in Rehabilitation Robotics

AIMag(8) * Recognizing Address Blocks on Mail Pieces: Specialized Tools and Problem-Solving Architecture

AIMag(9) * Evidence Accumulation and Flow of Control in a Hierarchial Spatial Reasoning System
* Framework for Representing and Reasoning about Three-Dimensional Objects for Vision, A
* Navigation and Mapping in Large-Scale Space
* Sensor Fusion in Certainty Grids for Mobile Robots
* Various Views on Spatial Prepositions

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