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LXCV21 * *LatinX in CV Research
* Assistive Signals for Deep Neural Network Classifiers
* BAOD: Budget-Aware Object Detection
* Bop and Beyond: A Second Order Optimizer for Binarized Neural Networks, A
* Filter Distribution Templates in Convolutional Networks for Image Classification Tasks
* Generalizable Multi-Camera 3D Pedestrian Detection
* I Find Your Lack of Uncertainty in Computer Vision Disturbing
* I Only Have Eyes for You: The Impact of Masks On Convolutional-Based Facial Expression Recognition
* MarkerPose: Robust Real-time Planar Target Tracking for Accurate Stereo Pose Estimation
* On Disentanglement and Mutual Information in Semi-Supervised Variational Auto-Encoders
* Talking with signs A simple method to detect nouns and numbers in a non-annotated signs language corpus
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