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7200 * *Complexity of Computer Computation
* *Computer Graphics Image Processing
* *Frontiers of Pattern Recognition
* *Graphic Languages
* Asymptotic Analysis of a Nonparametric Clustering Technique
* Asymptotic properties of nearest neighbor rules using edited data
* Automated Map Reading and Analysis by Computers
* Automatic Boundary Detection of the Left Ventricle from Cineangiograms
* Basic Study on Human Face Recognition, A
* Boundary Detection of Radiographic Images by a Threshold Method
* Computer Identification of Bacteria by Colony Morphology
* Covariance Selection
* Depth First Search and Linear Graph Algorithms
* Efficient Algorithm for Determining the Convex Hull of a Finite Planar Set, An
* Experiments with an On-Line Picture Language
* Imaging Techniques for Testing and Inspection
* Intensity Spatial Filtering Applied to Defect Detection in Integrated Circuit Photomasks
* Interpretation of Imperfect Line Data as a Three-Dimensional Scene
* Isomorphism of Planar Graphs
* MIT Robot, The
* Nonparametric Valley-Seeking Technique for Cluster Analysis, A
* On the Computation of Shape
* Picture Graphs, Grammars, and Parsing
* Rate-distortion theory: A mathematical basis for data compression
* Results Obtained Using a Simple Character Recognition Procedure on Munson's Handprinted Data
* Resynthesis of Biological Iamges from Tree-Structured Decomposition Data
* Scene Analysis and Picture Grammars
* Scene Understanding Systems
* Segmentation Technique Through Waveform Analysis, A
* Some Techniques for Recognizing Structures in Pictures
* Some Thoughts on Picture Languages
* Two dimensional Discrete Markov Random Fields
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