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9111 * *Machine Vision Systems: Integration and Applications
* *MPEG-1, Coding of Moving Pictures and Associated Audio for Digital Storage Media at Up to About 1.5 mbit/s
* *Visual Communication and Image Processing '91: Image Processing
* 2-D Shape Classification Using Hidden Markov Model
* Camera Calibration Problems: Some New Results
* Character recognition method
* Color Indexing
* Comments on Dialogue, A Series of Articles Generated by the Paper Entitled Ignorance, Myopia, and Naivete in Computer Vision
* Computational Projective Geometry
* Controlling Eye Movements with Hidden Markov Models
* Depth and Shape form Shading Using the Photometric Stereo Method
* Determining Reflectance Properties of an Object Using Range and Brightness Images
* Directional Analysis of Images in Scale Space
* Dynamic Lens Compensation for Active Color Imaging and Constant Magnification Focusing
* Dynamic method for recognizing objects and image processing system therefor
* Edge detection using patterned background
* Estimating 3-D Location Parameters Using Dual Number Quaternions
* Estimation of Motion from a Pair of Range Images: A Review
* Estimation of Planar Curves, Surfaces, and Nonplanar Space Curves Defined by Implicit Equations with Applications to Edge and Range Image Segmentation
* Hypothesizing and Testing Geometric Properties of Image Data
* Introduction: Vision as intelligent behavior: An introduction to machine vision at the University of Rochester
* Method and apparatus for DP matching using multiple templates
* Method and apparatus for representing an image
* Method for Automatic Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards, A
* Method of processing video image data for use in the storage or transmission of moving digital images
* Morphological Sampling
* Motion-pattern recognition apparatus
* On Optimal Infinite Impulse Response Edge Detection Filters
* On the Mathematical Foundations of Smoothness Constraints for the Determination of Optical Flow and for Surface Reconstruction
* Optimal Approach for Random Signals Classification, An
* Qualitative Detection of Motion by a Moving Observer
* Real-Time Vergence Control for Binocular Robots
* Robot Motion Planning with Uncertainty in Control and Sensing
* Segmenting Text Images with Massively Parallel Machines
* Stereoscopic video cameras with image sensors having variable effective position
* Three-frame technique for analyzing two motions in successive image frames dynamically
* Time-Varying Images: The Effect of Finite Resolution on Uniqueness
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