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Ayache, A. Co Author Listing * Axial Stereovision: Modelization And Comparison Between Two Calibration Methods

Ayache, N. Co Author Listing * 3d Structure From A Monocular Sequence Of Images
* 3d-2d Projective Registration Of Free-Form Curves And Surfaces
* 3d-2d Projective Registration Of Free-Form Curves And Surfaces
* Adaptive Meshes And Nonrigid Motion Computation
* Analysis Of A Sequence Of Stereo Scenes Containing Multiple Moving Objects Using Rigidity Constraints
* Artificial Vision For Mobile Robots-Stereo Vision And Multisensory Perception, Mit Press, Cambridge
* Automatic Handling Of Overlapping Workpieces
* Building A Consistent 3d Representation Of A Mobile Robot Environment By Combining Multiple Stereo Views
* Building, Registrating, And Fusing Noisy Visual Maps
* Building, Registrating, And Fusing Noisy Visual Maps
* Dense Non-Rigid Motion Estimation In Sequences Of Medical Images Using Differential Constraints
* Depth And Motion Analysis Machine, The
* Efficient Registration Of Stereo Images By Matching Graph Descriptions Of Edge Segments
* Extension Of The Icp Algorithm To Nonrigid Intensity-Based Registration Of 3d Volumes
* Fast And Reliable Passive Trinocular Stereovision
* Fast Segmentation, Tracking, And Analysis Of Deformable Objects
* Fast Stereo Matching Of Edge Segments Using Prediction And Verification Of Hypotheses
* Fast Stereovision Matcher Based On Prediction And Recursive Verification Of Hypotheses, A
* Final Steps Towards Real Time Trinocular Stereovision
* Fitting 3-D Data Using Superquadrics And Free-Form Deformations
* Frequency-Based Nonrigid Motion Analysis: Application To Four Dimensional Medical Images
* From Voxel To Curvature
* From Voxel To Intrinsic Surface Features
* From Voxels To Curvature Features
* Geometric Matcher For Recognizing And Positioning 3-D Rigid Objects, A
* Hyper: A New Approach For The Recognition And Positioning Of Two-Dimensional Objects
* Introducing New Deformable Surfaces To Segment 3d Images
* Locally Affine Registration Of Free-Form Surfaces
* Maintaining Representations Of The Environment Of A Mobile Robot
* Matching Depth Maps Obtained By Passive Stereo
* Medical Computer Vision, Virtual Reality And Robotics
* Medical Image Analysis
* Model-Based Multiscale Detection Of 3d Vessels
* New Developments On Geometric Hashing For Curve Matching
* New Method For The Recognition And Positioning Of 2-D Objects, A
* Non Rigid Registration For Building 3d Anatomical Atlases
* Parametric Deformable Model To Fit Unstructured 3d Data, A
* Preliminary Investigation Of The Problem Of Determining Ego- And Object Motions From Stereo, A
* Randomness And Geometric Figures In Computer Vision
* Reconstruction Of Buildings From Multiple High Resolution Images
* Rectification Of Images For Binocular And Trinocular Stereovision
* Registration Of A Curve On A Surface Using Differential Properties
* Rigid And Affine Registration Of Smooth Surfaces Using Differential Properties
* Rigid, Affine, And Locally Affine Registration Of Free-Form Surfaces
* Robustness Of Model-Based Recognition In Cluttered Images
* Smoothing And Matching Of 3-D Curves
* Smoothing And Matching Of 3d Space Curves
* Topological Segmentation Of Discrete Surfaces
* Topological Segmentation Of Discrete Surfaces
* Towards Real-Time Trinocular Stereo
* Tracking Medical 3d Data With A Deformable Parametric Model
* Tracking Medical 3d Data With A Parametric Deformable Model
* Trinocular Stereo Vision For Robotics
* Trinocular Stereovision: Recent Results
* Uniform Distribution, Distance, And Expectation Problems For Geometric Feature(S) Processing
* Using Deformable Surfaces To Segment 3-D Images And Infer Differential Structure
* Using Deformable Surfaces To Segment 3d Images And Infer Differential Structures
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Ayala, D. Co Author Listing * Object Representation By Means Of Nonminimal Division Quadtrees And Octrees

Ayala, G. Co Author Listing * Gray-Level 2d Feature Detector Using Circular Statistics, A

Aydin, T. Co Author Listing * Multiband And Multiscale Edge Detection Via M-Band Wavelet Transform

Ayer, S. Co Author Listing * Compact Representations Of Videos Through Dominant And Multiple Motion Estimation
* Dominant And Multiple Motion Estimation For Video Representation
* Layered Representation Of Motion Video Using Robust Maximum-Likelihood Estimation Of Mixture Models And Mdl Encoding
* Model-Based 2d & 3d Dominant Motion Estimation For Mosaicing And Video Representation
* Morphological Shape Representation Of Segmented Images Based On Temporally Modeled Motion Vectors
* Segmentation Of Moving Objects By Robust Motion Parameter Estimation Over Multiple Frames
* Time-Varying Motion Estimation Using Orthogonal Polynomials And Applications
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Ayers, C.R. Co Author Listing * Multispectral Pattern Recognition Of Mr Imagery For The Noninvasive Analysis Of Atherosclerosis

Aykanat, C. Co Author Listing * Reconfiguration Algorithm For Fault Tolerance In A Hypercube Multiprocessor, A

Aykroyd, R.G. Co Author Listing * Proceedings In The Art And Science Of Bayesian Image Analysis (Leeds, Uk, June 30-July 2, 1997)
* Unexpected Spatial Patterns In Exponential Family Auto Models

Ayoung Chee, N. Co Author Listing * Enhanced 3d Representation Using A Hybrid Model
Includes: Ayoung Chee, N. Ayoung-Chee, N.

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