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Ekambaram, C. Co Author Listing * New Architecture For Adaptive Intrafield Transform Compression Of Ntsc Composite Video Signal, A

Ekinci, M. Co Author Listing * Road Junction Recognition And Turn-Offs For Autonomous Road Vehicle Navigation

Ekkers, R.J. Co Author Listing * Image Processing With Personal Computers

Eklund, J.E. Co Author Listing * Global Feature Extraction Operations For Near-Sensor Image Processing

Eklundh, J.O. Co Author Listing * Active Detection And Classification Of Junctions By Foveation With A Head-Eye System Guided By The Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Active Fixation For Scene Exploration
* Classification Of Multispectral Images Using Associative Nets
* Computational Model Of Depth-Based Attention, A
* Computer Graphics And Computer Vision-Some Unifying And Discriminating Features
* Computer Vision-Eccv '94 (Third European Conference On Computer Vision, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2-6, 1994), Springer
* Dynamic Fixation
* Dynamic Fixation And Active Perception
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Machine Vision Research At The Royal Institute Of Technology
* Head-Eye System-Analysis And Design, A
* Heads, Eyes, And Head-Eye Systems
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes
* Integrating Primary Ocular Processes
* N
* Object Detection Using Model Based Prediction And Motion Parallax
* On Projective Geometry And The Recovery Of 3-D Structure
* On Scale And Resolution In Active Analysis Of Local Image Structure
* On Scale And Resolution In The Analysis Of Local Image Structure
* On The Computation Of A Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Panel Report: The Potential Of Geons For Generic 3-D Object Recognition
* Proceedings Of The 5th Scandinavian Conference On Image Analysis (Stockholm, Sweden
* Qualitative Shape-Some Computational Aspects
* Robust Shape Description Based On Curve Fitting
* Scale Detection And Region Extraction From A Scale-Space Primal Sketch
* Scale-Space Primal Sketch: Construction And Experiments
* Seeing The Obvious
* Shape Representation By Multiscale Contour Approximation
* Texture Discrimination By Projective Invariants
* Towards An Active Visual Observer
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Ekman, A. Co Author Listing * Exploration Of Polygonal Environments Using Range Data

Ekre, T. Co Author Listing * Stereo Grouping For Model-Based Recognition

Ekstrom, M.P. Co Author Listing * Digital Image Processing Techniques, Academic Press

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